Library Assistant Job Description

Today, most of the books are available online and we have online libraries as well; hence, the traditional method of borrowing and reading books from the libraries is not much in trend these days. Most of the people read books of any language and any type with a simple search in these online libraries. However, there are some people who love to read books which are available in the printed format. For people who are fond of reading books in the printed format do not get the same satisfaction and visual pleasure from the online books as they get from the printed books. Searching and reading books online is easier; just enter the name of the book and click 'search' in any search bar. You will get the book you are looking for at your sight. But when you visit a library to find the same book, you may spend hours sorting the piles of books in the library. To reduce your time, effort and inconvenience finding a book in the library, big libraries and even smaller ones employ library assistants or library technicians. He is the one who is responsible for organization of information in library. If you want to know more about a library assistant job description, read below.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Library Assistants

Skills Necessary for Library Assistants

Educational Qualifications Required for Library Assistants

Most of the library assistants start working by handling small duties such as shelving, dusting and following few clerical duties in the library. There is no specific training or educational requirement for library assistants; they are provided on-job training. However, library assistants should have good verbal and written communication skills.

Salaries Offered to Library Assistants

Library assistants are paid up to $11.5 hourly. They can earn more if they are skilled and are working in big public libraries.

Library assistants can work in public as well as private libraries. These type of jobs are most of the times part-time jobs so even school and college students can look for this job. After getting experience of respectable number of years, library assistants can work as head of circulation or circulation managers. Hope this library assistant job description gave you a clear idea of the duties of a library assistant.

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