Lifeguard Job Description

This is such an important profession, the job of a lifeguard is look after the people who are enjoying themselves in the water. The lifeguard has to be on the constant look-out for any trouble happening on the beach or the swimming pool where they are working. To know more about the exciting profession, read the lifeguard job description we have provided here.

After watching Baywatch, there has been a wrong notion about this profession. This job is serious business, they cannot let themselves get distracted or it could lead to accidents and drowning on the beach.

The lifeguards save people from drowning in the water. They have to be expert swimmers, and should be able to hold their breath under water for a long time. The lifeguards are trained to give mouth-to mouth resuscitation and in case of cardiac arrest, they give CPR. They also have to be trained in giving first aid.

Lifeguards are employed at beaches, public swimming pools, gymnasiums, sports academies etc. They usually are seated in a high-chair, and are given a pair of binoculars so that they can see everyone in close detail. Their uniform is the swimming costume, as they have to be ready whenever there is any situation.

The lifeguards have to remain fit and in good shape, as they need to have good stamina. They also have to be strong so they can lift heavy individuals if they are drowning. Although, the media has portrayed this profession to be very glamorous, it is actually one that carries a lot of responsibilities. Read the lifeguard job description given in detail.

The lifeguards can earn a decent living and no formal education is required for this job. However, one needs to be an expert swimmer to get this job, and the physical fitness is also mandatory. Read the lifeguard job description given below to know what is required to qualify for this post.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Lifeguard

Education Required by a Lifeguard

Career Advancement

Many of them, after gaining experience become swim instructors and even pool operators.

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