Advisory Project Manager Responsibilities

The advisory project manager responsibilities go beyond just giving advice for any ongoing project. They are an integral part of the management of the project and they have to make all the administrative decisions regarding the project.

The title advisory project manager may only suggest that the manager only gives advice to the people involved in a particular project. However, they are actually a lot more involved and all the heads involved in the project have to report to them. Since they are involved more in administration, they can be involved with many projects at a time.

The advisory project managers mainly give advice on how the project is to be done. They are appointed by the senior management like the board of directors. They have to ensure that project goes according to plan. They firstly have to review the plans drawn up for the project. Then they have to meet with the heads in the project and brief them on the work expected.

When the project starts, the advisory manager will review the work after short periods of time. They will check where work is not up to the mark or lagging behind, and will then provide solutions accordingly. They will work closely with all the departmental heads and report to the senior management regarding the work that is being conducted.

The advisory managers are experts in all the aspects involved in the project. They know each and every task really, that is the main reason why they are appointed as advisory project managers. Therefore, they have to review all the work done carefully before they make a report for the senior management. There are many other duties that advisory project managers are required to perform. They are given below in detail.

Advisory Project Manager Responsibilities in Detail

People for the Job

Only people who have vast amount of experience are eligible for this position. One can become an advisor only after having good amount of years under their belt. They also need to be highly qualified to be in this position. The education one has to have is a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration. Any other business related bachelor's degree is also fine.

Industry Prospects

The advisory project manager position is quite a coveted one. Sometimes, they are appointed from within the company, or there are many people who are independent advisors. Therefore, this profession is quite popular because companies require the guiding expertise of advisors. They make a hefty salary as well. The ones who are independent charge according to the project, while the ones on the payroll make something in between $77,626 - $108,625.

Tech Skills

Since the advisor is an expert, they have to be technologically competent as well. They have to review the accounts of the project for which they should have at least basic knowledge about the various accounting programs that are used. Advisory project managers have to be competent with technology.

Job Conditions

This is an administrative position. Therefore, too much of moving around is not required from them. However, they could be handling more than one projects at a time and that can be a bit stressful.

The advisory project manager responsibilities are mainly administrative but they have to handle all the aspects in that particular project.

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