Environmental Project Manager Responsibilities

The industrial sector is growing at a rapid rate, thus increasing the rate of pollution in our environment. Protecting our environment has become out priority, and thus organizations are hiring environmental project managers specially for undertaking environmental projects. An environmental project manager handles the entire proceedings of an environment protection project of an organization, and strikes the perfect balance between organizational profitability and environmental health. Environment protection projects are varied in nature and processes, and it requires extreme expertise to handle such projects efficiently. Some of the environment safety projects include wastewater treatment, soil restoration program, forest regeneration, wildlife protection, etc.

Key Responsibilities

An environmental project manager performs varied number of duties everyday. His main responsibilities include overseeing the activities undertaken under the environmental project, interact and coordinate with environmental regulatory authorities for following environmental project guidelines as required, and perform specific project duties accordingly. He has to manage the permissions, compliance, monitoring, and mitigation related to the environmental projects as per the requirement.

The key responsibilities of an environmental project manager comprise:

The responsibilities of an environmental project manager are distinctively varied in nature with respect to other project managers. Environmental project managers are involved in managing the environmental aspects of the project which comprise interpretation of environmental permits and other project related documents, developing the plans as per environmental compliance policies, coordinating with regulatory authorities and assuring them about the compliance policies adopted by the organization, managing the inspection processes at the workplace for ensuring the health and safety of workers working with hazardous substances, and prepare an accurate project report with complete documentation for getting project approval of the environmental regulatory authorities.

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification for obtaining a post of environmental project manager is a bachelor's degree in geology, environmental engineering, environmental science, or other related scientific / technical field, though a master's degree in the same is preferred mostly. Most of the environmental project managers work for the government sector, while a few work as environmental scientists in private organizational firms, hence they are required to have a working knowledge of environmental laws and legislations. Apart from the educational qualifications, it is also necessary for environmental project managers to have a relevant experience in this field.

Along with desired qualifications and experiences, one also needs to possess certain skills for applying for this job post. The basic skills required is oral, written, and verbal communication for conveying the project details to his subordinate staff and management team. Also, creativity and sense of innovation are considered as desired skills for devising new approaches for solving complicated environmental issues. Basic computer skills are also necessary for using environment related computer softwares.

Work Schedule

Normally, an environmental project manager works in 40 hours per week shifts in regulated indoor environment, where they have to operate the software programs and monitor the lab tests. However, they have to spend the same time on field as well for monitoring the project work if required. Sometimes, they also need to travel to environmental disaster zones where they may be exposed to toxic chemicals present in that environment.

Career Prospects

With growing environmental awareness, the demand for environmental project managers has increased steadily in the near times. The growing need for sustainable agriculture in the country is one of the elementary reasons behind the job growth in this profile. If you are looking to start a career in this field, this is a great time to start in this profile.

Salary Compensation

The annual average salary range for an environmental project manager falls between $75,000 to $120,000. The salary range is an indicative figure, and it may vary according to the job location, industrial prospects, and experience of the candidate.

The roles and responsibilities of environmental project managers are distinctively different than other project managers. Hence, if you wish to start your career in this profile, it would be beneficial to know about the responsibilities involved in this profile.

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