Executive Communication Manager Responsibilities

The executive communication manager plans and directs the activities organized for maintaining a favorable public image and raise an awareness issue for the respective client or organization. They are the top level executives in an organization and often hold the titles of director of communications or vice president. The executive communication manager responsibilities include leading all fund raising initiatives for the organization and managing various development services. They are also responsible for designing, developing, and executing the internal communication plans and strategies for undertaking various operations.

The executive communication managers are responsible for the management of consistent organizational communication using Web 2.0 tools. They also undertake various surveys with the service team and prepare cross-organizational reports and presentations. The executive communication managers generally manage large scale projects and resolve complicated issues within them effectively. They also undergo detailed analysis of ongoing projects and provide necessary specifications. The executive communication managers are highly qualified and experienced people having expert knowledge of the changing global needs. This knowledge helps them to make appropriate and necessary changes by undertaking a detailed communication with the respective counterparts.

The other important job responsibility of an executive communication manager is to determine communication support and scope for new projects and further build a strong team and relationship to achieve the desired results. For achieving these results, they also manage effective collaboration within teams and departments. The executive communications manager also needs to communicate with the clients on a daily basis to ensure them the progress of the project as well as making them understand the different strategies planned for its effective completion.

The executive communication manager career is one of the highly responsible career options to choose. To become a communication manager, a candidate must be well qualified and possess adequate experience to hold this position and work efficiently. The candidate must also need to carry out various job responsibilities according to demanding situations by implementing their expert skills. The below given information will help you understand the different job responsibilities undertaken by an executive communication manager.

Job Responsibilities

Communication planning is one of the major responsibilities of an executive communication manager. Along with this, he also needs to carry out other tasks as follows:

Key Skills

Strong interpersonal and communication skills are the major requirements of an executive communication manager. Along with this, he must also possess skills given below:

Educational Qualification

To apply for the post of executive communication manager, a candidate must be highly experienced in the field of communications. The candidate is expected to possess a bachelorís degree in communications and a relevant experience of minimum eight years in this field. A master's degree in communication is an additional qualification, as most of the employers prefer post-graduates over graduates for this responsible position. The candidate must also possess expert knowledge of networking and IT communication industry. The candidate is also expected to have expert understanding of Web 2.0 technologies.


The job of an executive communication manager is a highly responsible job and contains variable job duties. However, these executives are paid handsomely and their average annual salary lies in between the range of $80,000 to $105,000. They also receive various bonuses and incentives for their work. The above mentioned salary may also vary according to the candidate's qualification, experience, and the organization he is working in.

The above mentioned details of the executive communication manager responsibilities will definitely guide you in gaining adequate information about the executive communication manager's work profile and job tasks. The qualifications and skills essential for an executive manager mentioned above will also help you in planning your career.

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