GIS Manager Responsibilities

The GIS manager responsibilities include serving as the administrator and manager of the geographic information systems of a company. He/she administrates the projects that are spread over large areas and these projects include the aggregation, investigation and transmission of geospatial information. He/she even supervises the components and computer software programming systems of the company in order to help the holding and transfer of geospatial information.

He/she administrates the computer configurations, upholds the information bases of the computer systems and ensures that they grow in agreement with the existing and established rules, regulations and policies of the company. He/she oversees the inner components and software systems of GIS specialized installations that include the assessment of requirements, requests, legal documents, information edifice and approval for the application of new programs.

Though the reponsibilities of a GIS manager may deviate from one place to another, his/her key job roles, responsibilities and duties are stated as under:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A candidate who wants to shoulder the jobs, duties, and roles and responsibilities of a GIS manager should have a bachelor's degree in geography or IT. He/she could also do courses in cartography, geology and surveying, as these would help him/her a lot in the coming days. A master's degree in the same field would ensure that he/she gets a very good job with a high salary, even if he/she lacks experirence. In the case of a bachelor's degree, the candidate would also need to have 3 years of expertise in geographic information systems and must have worked before in a similar company.

With a graduate degree and some years of experience, he/she could make waves in this field. But apart from all these qualifications and experience, he/she should also have a keen interest in geographical matters. Also, he/she must have good leading and interacting skills. He/she should be able to execute his/her projects within the given deadlines and take care of multiple projects at the same time with the help of his/her solution providing skills. Finally, he/she should be physically and mentally balanced in order to execute all the job responsibilities.

Working Conditions

The GIS manager works in an office and has flexible timings. He/she remains engulfed with computers around him/her and spends long time on them. He/she works for around 9 hours in a single day and may have to work extra on weekends and evenings in order to complete his/her targets. He/she risks eye damage.


A GIS manager draws about USD 71, 000 per year. This salary is the median salary in the United States. This may vary here and there as per the location and kind of job he/she undertakes.

Thus, the GIS manager responsibilities include managing the GI systems of the company, where he/she works as well as overseeing the computer configurations of the same.

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