GIS Project Manager Responsibilities

The GIS project manager responsibilities include serving as a geographic information system project manager and supervising and directing plans and programs that are inclusive of the accumulation or use of geographical information. He/she administers and heads the workers under him/her and advises them on particularly specialized issues. He/she administrates the projects under his/her jurisdiction area with the help of geographical data program applications and undertakes activities in a geographically scrutinized company.

He/she gathers up information with respect to municipality designing, searches of natural reservoirs, safety, crisis programming and GPS schemes. He/she makes himself/herself abreast of all the active and existing specialized GIS systems and schemes and also serves the purposes of a trade manager and unit administrator. He/she assigns responsibilities to various employees under him/her and also interacts with them. He/she advises his customers on the specialties of the GIS systems, assigns them reservoirs, plans and takes care of the monetary funds of the company and peruses the provisions of GIS projects that have been undertaken.

He has to follow the following key responsibilities:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A person who wants to handle the responsibilities of a GIS project manager must have some qualifications and skills. He/she needs to have a bachelor's degree in computer science, geography or a related field. Apart from these qualifications, he/she requires to have some years of related work experience. Possessing certificates that are offered by some universities, colleges and educational institutions would be very beneficial for him/her and would surely enhance his/her job opportunities. He/she also needs to be familiar with the fundamentals of GIS. Finally, he/she should have good communication, programming and project supervision skills.

Working Conditions

A GIS project manager generally works in his/her office, and may also move around the world for work related purposes. He/she works about 45 hours/five days a week. He/she may have supple and simple working hours, wherein he/she may find some time to relax and enjoy. But at the same time, he/she needs to be an expert with GIS and nevertheless, execute his/her job responsibilities effectively and efficiently.


A GIS project manager draws a relatively good salary of around USD 63, 000 to USD 96, 000. This salary is drawn per year on an average by him/her.

Thus, the GIS project manager responsibilities include administering the plans and programs of his/her company and ensuring enhancement of the same.

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