Global Brand Manager Responsibilities

The global brand manager responsibilities include playing the role of a global or international marketing manager. He is also called a global brand director. His responsibilities are inclusive of increasing and perfecting his company's global merchandising stocks and net earnings. He constantly updates himself with the active international marketing styles and comes up with such commodities that achieve the requirements all across the globe. He also executes his job roles and responsibilities in order to organize capitalistic and gainable costing plans and programs. He investigates commodity merchandising plans and programs and heads the merchandising opinions, views and thoughts within his company unit and organizes and arranges suitable publicity and packaging thoughts and programs. A global brand manager has to execute the key responsibilities that are mentioned below:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A global brand manager should possess a bachelor's degree in marketing, finance or a related field. Having a master's degree with majors in the same subjects would be very fruitful to the candidate. He could also do a bachelor or a master of business administration and major in the same subjects. This would be exactly apt for this position. However, a master's degree is always more beneficial than a bachelor's degree, as the former would help him in reaching good positions and earn respect in this field. His chances of getting absorbed by a reputed company would be more in the case of a master's degree. In some places, he could be shortlisted for some special money making jobs just because he has a master's degree in management or a related field.

He should acquire his bachelor's or master's degree from a recognized and prestigious university. A global brand manager needs to have excellent English speaking and writing skills. He should be initiative, well organized and should have the ability to achieve his targets regularly. Apart from all these skills, he should also have good merchandising, administration and unit heading skills. He should have good time administration skills and be comfortable working with various kinds of employees and associates and should motivate and encourage all those who are around him. Possessing creativity would be an asset to the company that hires him. He should love trade analysis and finally, set good ethical behaviour and principles in the company so that the others can look up to him.

Working Conditions

He works in an office for more than 40 hours in a week and has to travel abroad. He may have to do overtime in cases of meeting deadlines. But this is rare. He works for around 8 hours daily on an average. Saturdays and Sundays are generally off for him, except when he has to achieve the targets set by his company.


A global brand manager earns anywhere near USD 79, 000 in a year on an average. But this salary package may deviate, depending on his experience and qualifications. His location also plays a very key role in deciding the same.

Thus, the global brand manager responsibilities include analyzing the marketing styles and recognizing the possible business growth opportunities.

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