Global Sourcing Manager Responsibilities

The global sourcing manager responsibilities include directing and heading sourcing actions and openings across many trade units. He is accountable for growing and administrating the bonds between important merchandisers and other big trade owners who are needed to administrate and supervise the international provision steps taken by people.

He enhances and completes the sourcing plans and programs with the same importance given on the capacity to recognize, study, examine and figure out possibilities. He supervises the adjustable merchandiser price discussions as well. A global sourcing manager takes the control of heading and overseeing the sourcing steps adopted by people.

There are many responsibilities that a global sourcing manager executes and the key ones are mentioned below:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A global sourcing manager needs to acquire a graduate degree in business administration or a related field. Acquiring a post graduate degree in the same field would be very advantageous for him. He could get shortlisted for more lucrative job opportunities in the case of a master's degree. A master's degree in business administration would be the best choice for him, in case he wants to persue this field. Apart from these qualifications, he needs to have an experience of around 5-7 years in manufacturing administration. Also, he should love commodity development, merchandising and marketing. He should have strong math and computer skills, apart from updating himself with the latest developments in his field. Finally, he should also possess deep acquiring, organizing, involving and creative skills.

Working Conditions

A global source manager has his own chamber and office, where he has very good working conditions that keep him safe, happy and relaxed. He has to balance himself very well with other associates and execute his job roles by getting support from most of his colleagues. He has an eight hour working shift, where he works five days a week. His job is medium paced and satisfying, if he is smart, effective and efficient. He handles most of his undertakings comfortably and his job is not stressful at all. But he needs to be disciplined and punctual for the effective execution of his roles and duties.


A global sourcing manager makes a handsome amount of about USD 1, 20, 400 in a single year on an average.

Thus, the global sourcing manager responsibilities include analyzing the given data and implementing the sourcing procedures, methods, plans and programs all across the world.

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