Government Affairs Manager Responsibilities

The government affairs manager responsibilities include executing operations in an organization with his unit associates and other governmental establishments in order to achieve the assigned assembly aims and targets. This is a good career where he administrates outside and inside interactions and gets in touch with different mass media openings. He is also known as an expert in the field of national dealings who operates with the authorities, the sectional, the national governing systems and the media.

A government affairs manager assists his company by developing plans of actions and collaborates with the governing authorities and civic people. He is directly accountable for a unit of working associates in his company. He is also called a public relations expert who holds investigations and observes the assembly. He follows the events and activities taking place within the governing authorities that could influence his company and create some changes in the same.

He has some key responsibilities that he executes, irrespective of his location and the size of his company. These are:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A government affairs manager should have a bachelor's degree in business or law in order to be qualified minimally for the role of the same. A master's degree would ensure that he is grabbed by a good and reputed company. He would also require a minimum of 3-5 years of expertise with a related company earlier. He needs good administration and assembly skills. He should be able to maintain good relations with the governing authorities and policy makers. He must remain updated on his procedures that he executed in the previous company and be familiar with the government affairs or public relations principles. A government affairs manager must also have good heading, planning and speaking skills that would help him in the execution of presenting operations.

Working Conditions

A government affairs manager works full time in an office environment for long hours. He has a nine hours working shift in a day and works five days a week.


He makes a median amount of around USD 94, 549 every year.

Thus, the government affairs manager responsibilities include creating a specific image of his company in the trade world and achieving the legislative targets on time.

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