Managing Director Job Description

The position of a managing director in a company is crucial as this position will involve the most senior level responsibilities of the organization. Managing directors are the head of the business group and they are the decision making body of the company. He has the responsibility of running the entire organization and also taking all important decisions for the company. Hence they should be experienced, confident and skilled professional who has good leadership qualities. To know more about a job description, read below.

Every company has one managing director. Some companies may use of the title CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for the managing director. Managers hold the highest position in the hierarchy of the employees in the company and there are many managers (departmental heads) and assistant managers under a managing director. They are employed by any type of organization ranging from banking, investment to production and software. A managing director of that company needs to be aware of the ins and outs of the business he is handling. We have tried to provide the duties and responsibilities below to assist you.

Primary Responsibilities of a Managing Director

Secondary Responsibilities

Skills Required

Educational Qualifications Required

Most of the companies require the managing directors to possess a degree in Business Administration, either a bachelor's degree or master's degree. Almost all the organizations look for experienced professionals for this position as this job comes up with many challenges that only an experienced individual can handle. Sometimes certifications are also necessary if you are working in some specific production firm, insurance or health care firm.

Salaries Offered

On an average, a managing director bags about $2, 50,000 per annum. If the organization is small and the role of the managing director is restricted then he/she may earn less than this and if the organization is bigger, then he/she may earn more than this as well. With significant appraisals in salaries, they also get bonus amounts, stocks options and other alternative sources of income. Managing directors are the highest paid employees of the company.

Hope you got some idea about the duties, profile, skills and salaries of the managing directors. We would be pleased to give you more information and help upon your request.

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