Brand Manager Responsibilities

Every brand carries a unique identity. However, when there are several brands offering the same product or service, it becomes necessary to make it more appealing. Presenting a brand that gets registered in the consumers' psyche is not a child's play owing to the competition prevailing in today's world. This situation has given rise to the requirement of a brand manager, whose responsibilities are to handle the branding operations.

The primary function of a branding manager is to create an identity for a new brand or revamp the same for an existing brand. This cannot be done without indulging into a process of brainstorming with the department staff and at times with the advertising staff who plays an equally important role.

To ensure that a brand becomes a metaphor that represents excellence, the brand manager has to organize and participate in various events and ensure the participation of the consumers in the same. These events can be press conferences, product launches, advertisement campaigns, or any other event that is aimed towards connecting with the target audience.

The ultimate goal of branding is to increase the sales of a product or a range of products sold under a specific brand. The brand manager is thus expected to fulfill the job responsibilities and deliver satisfactory results in order to increase the goodwill and profits of the company.

Most Common Job Responsibilities of a Brand Manager

Skills Required

To work responsibly in the position of brand manager, a person should be:

Qualification Required

To reach this position, you need prior experience of working in marketing, branding or sales department. Opt for a bachelor's or master's degree in business management, marketing, or a closely related course if you aspire to get into this position. However, applicants with an associate degree and relevant work experience are also eligible to apply for this position.

Career Scope

As a brand manager, your annual remuneration will range from $60,000 to $1,00,000. The amount for additional allowances and incentives will be different with each organization.

When you start working, you might be assigned to handle a single brand. As you gain more experience, you can be assigned to handle several or all brands of an organization. This may take anywhere from a few months to few years depending on your performance and the organizational requirements.

The description of brand manager responsibilities provides you adequate information about this profession. Once you are aware of all the requirements of this profession, you can easily prepare for it while polishing you skills.

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