Brand Representative Responsibilities

Branding is not just about designing a unique and fancy logo and stimulating the shopper inside every human through persistent promotional activities. It is more about connecting with the audiences by appointing a brand representative or a brand ambassador, usually a celebrity or a sports-person. The brand ambassador supports the promotion of a particular product, service, or the brand as a whole. However, there is more to the responsibilities of a brand representative than just promotion or advertising.

Brand Representatives Duties and Responsibilities

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Understanding Brand/Product/Service

The very basic responsibility of a brand representative is to learn all the details about the brand/product/service. He has to understand the specifications, so that it becomes easy for him to elaborate the same while communicating with the audiences.

Participate in Promotional Activities

Whether it is a trade fair, a product launch event, or a fashion show, the brand representative is expected to attend all these events. He has to communicate with the visitors and elaborate product/service specifications and help the visitors identify its value and qualities.

While participating in a promotional activity, the brand ambassador can be asked to distribute samples or merchandise to the public.


The brand ambassador has to act for television commercials or a live performance such as a street play to promote the brand. He has to participate in the photo shoots for print campaigns.

Skills Requried

As a brand representative, an individual should:

Becoming a Brand Representative

This is one profession that is open to individuals from all walks of life. While some companies may prefer to appoint celebrities as their brand representative, other organizations may hire a philanthropist, a sports person, or even a political leader. Thus, it becomes difficult to define the exact educational qualifications or experience required to get selected for this profession.

Career Scope

The remuneration paid to a brand representative is dependent on different factors. Some celebrities may charge more than a million dollars for endorsing a brand, while a sports person may do it for free or a minimal fee. While some representatives may sign a yearly contract, others can just represent the brand in a few campaigns.

The positive fact about this profession is that you need not invest all your time and efforts solely for it. You can easily pursue any other profession and endorse a brand simultaneously.

After reading the brand representative responsibilities, you must have realized that this profession is for everyone out there. Consistent indulgence in this profession may lead you to the path of modeling or acting for television/silver screen.

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