Field Marketing Manager Responsibilities

Field marketing managers are responsible for managing the overall marketing operations in field marketing. They have to monitor all the activities undertaken by their field executives for effective business management.

This profile requires extensive market research along with continuous monitoring of sales, marketing, and advertisement. Along with this, they also have to oversee the activities of franchisee, store managers, vendors, and distributors involved in the business and maintain the overall business profitability from franchisee business.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Marketing Manager

The main responsibility of the field marketing manager is to oversee the activities undertaken in franchisee business, collaborate with franchisee and store managers for monitoring their business expansion plan, introduce fair company policies to them, and make sure that the business is running effectively in the niche market.

Moreover, they have to undertake marketing and advertisement activities and organize ad campaigns, events, etc., for increasing sales.

The key responsibilities of a field marketing manager comprise:

Required Qualification and Skills

The basic qualification required to be eligible for obtaining better position as a marketing manager is bachelor's / master's degree in retail marketing, sales and marketing, business administration, business management, advertisement, or communication.

For obtaining the entry level job position in this field, one can manage getting in with associate / bachelor's degree, but for obtaining higher level job prospects, one is required to pursue MBA or other relevant postgraduate degree in relevant field of marketing.

Also, obtaining an additional course in studying marketing principles, mass communication, public relations, economics, finance, etc., might prove beneficial if one requires. Along with this, one should also posses relevant experience in this field for attracting better job prospects.

Along with the educational qualification, one should also be capable for handling the responsibilities single handedly. Certain skills that are required for accomplishing these responsibilities successfully comprise:

Salary Compensation

The average salary of a field marketing manager falls in the range of $80,000 to $120,000 per year. As per the findings of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in the United States, the average median salary of a field marketing manager falls around $97,260 per year.

The job of a field marketing manager is very high spirited and demanding, and one needs to be constantly on field for making sure that all the activities are performed accurately. He has to be attentive towards managing various activities along with budget management.

If you wish to start your career in this field, it would be beneficial to have a look at the roles and responsibilities of field marketing manager.

The job profile of a field marketing manager has lots of career prospects in future, and you can make a great career in this field if you have the necessary qualification, skills, and expertise for handling the responsibilities efficiently.

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