Materials Manager Job Description

An organization can function smoothly and efficiently if it has the necessary infrastructure to accomplish the day-to-day activities. A materials manager helps the company in identifying the requirements and helps in planning, storage, control and distribution of goods in the organization. He closely works in association with the purchase department, production department and the vendors. Through his analysis and material management skills he helps the company in meeting short term and long term production goals and helps in keeping the supply chain active throughout. The material manager job description given here will help you know more about the job profile of a materials manager.

Material managers get opportunity to work in warehouses, retail industries and in any type of expert agencies. They help in both qualitative and quantitative materials management tasks.

Primary Duties of a Materials Manager:

Secondary Duties of a Materials Manager:

Skills Required by Materials Manager:

Educational Requirements for Materials Manager:

Most of the employers hire individuals possessing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with specialization in Logistics, Material Management or Supply Chain Management. If you want to bag higher packages and progress in this career then you should pursue a master's degree in Business Administration, especially in fields such as retailing, inventory management or materials management. Even if you have a bachelor's degree or master's degree in any relevant field, pursuing certification courses in relevant field will give opportunity to work as materials manager.

Salaries Offered for Materials Managers:

Materials manager salaries depend entirely upon the experience and their skills. Size of the company and the demographic location of the company is also responsible for inducing variations in the wages. On an average a materials managers earns about $51,287 to $141,829 per year as per the statistics collected by our research team.

You have many opportunities in this profile if you are skilled and have great career advancement opportunities. If you are looking for this type of career then you should look for bigger companies that are best in the market so that you get high salaries. If you want to know more about a materials manager job description then contact us.

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