Assistant Media Planner Responsibilities

Media plays a significant role in today's world and has influenced every section of people be it the older generation, the youth or the children. Just by sitting in front of the television we get every bit of information from around the world.

The media are broadly classified into two types: the print media and the web media. It has positive as well as negative effects. Therefore it is essential that every individual aspiring to take up a career in media should be aware of his role.

If you are applying for an assistant media planner job, you should first have a thorough understanding of the assistant media planner responsibilities.

What Is The Role Of A Media Planner ?

A media planner is a person working in the advertising agencies. It is crucial that he is first required to understand the client requirements and his products. He knows exactly which audience needs to be targeted.

Accordingly he studies the demographics and statistics and tries to gain knowledge on the audience's preferences and habits. Then he chalks out a strategy so that the clients can put forth their advertisements in front of the right audience at the right time. For this he purchases the time from the buyers who provide him with the best deal that meet his needs.

Then according to the decided time slot the advertisements are scheduled. This is a very demanding job and the person working in this environment is required to work even in tight deadlines. It is expected that he delivers the results in a very short span of time in case of emergency.

What are the Responsibilities and Duties of an Assistant Media Planner ?

To make a successful career as a media planner, let us first understand in detail the roles and responsibilities of an assistant media planner. The key responsibilities are as under:

  1. To plan the level best combination of media to get across the client's targeted audience
  2. To support the planners in the senior position for better execution of project
  3. To keep updated with the latest trends in the market so as to get on the topmost position
  4. To keep a close eye on the moves made by the competitors and implement innovative solutions to counter attack them
  5. To acquire knowledge on the demographic profiles and analyze the changing habits of the likes and dislikes of the targeted customers
  6. Create and initiate flow charts and reports and maintain the records of plans, schedules and the billing details of the client

Apart from these duties he may also be required to do some of the administration related work and be required to attend the phone calls. At times, he may be required to travel and meet the clients. He should be aware of the status reports of the clients and should try to maintain healthy professional relationship with the old as well as the new clients. He should be able to identify the potential clients that will increase the profitability of the organization.

Skills of an Assistant Media Planner

The following skills listed below will definitely make you a winning assistant media planner:

Educational Requirements

A bachelor's degree is sufficient provided you are genuinely interested in this medium and are well-acquainted with the latest developments in media that will encourage and compel the people to buy the products of the clients.

Work Schedule

The working hours may be standard or flexible. If flexible hours are offered it is expected that they will be ready to work extra when required. The freelancing opportunities are also available.

Assistant media planner responsibilities mostly include creating, developing, implementing, executing and managing cost effective media plans to satisfy the needs of the clients by targeting the right audience.

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