Associate Media Planner Responsibilities

Media plays a significant role in our daily lives. The advertising media generally comprises newspaper, radio, television, magazines etc. Reaching the right customer at the right time is crucial for the product to be successful. The associate media planner responsibilities mostly include the researching, planning and targeting the right audience by selecting the right kind of media and the appropriate time for the product to be showcased. He should ensure that it will be cost effective for the client and yield maximum profits for the organization.

Key Associate Media Planner Responsibilities

A typical associate media planner usually functions in the advertising agencies or media planning agencies and implements strategies that will help the clients to achieve their goals by using effective advertising strategies. Let us understand in detail the associate media planner responsibilities:

  1. The first step is to understand the clients requirements and his budget
  2. Accordingly the associate media planner helps to plan and implement the advertising strategies for targeting the right audience
  3. He makes sure that he selects the right kind of media which is cost effective for the client so as to achieve maximum exposure and stabilize the product of the client
  4. He has to keep a close eye on the latest market trends in media
  5. He should be updated with the latest tastes of the customers and position the product according to the changing trends
  6. He should maintain healthy professional relationship with the clients and team members alike to maximize the productivity and gain profits

He supports the team members by motivating them to complete the work on the given deadline. He also facilitates and tracks the billing and payment process. He constantly researches for new opportunities. He conducts research on demographic and the usage of media. He may be required to perform some administration related duties like handling the client calls and attending the meetings. He may be required to analyze the reports based on the feedback received.

Essential Skills for an Associate Media Planner

To make sure that you come out as a winning associate media planner you should have at least some of the following skills:

Educational Background for an Associate Media Planner

A bachelor's degree in advertising,marketing, communication studies or mass media is sufficient to make an entry in this field. You can take up internships in some advertising agencies while pursuing your education to gain some experience and be acquainted with the work environment.

Salary Details for an Associate Media Planner

There is an increasing demand for associate media planners especially with the growing influence of media in our daily routine. The salary offered is satisfactory. However it may vary according to the relevant experience, knowledge and skills.

Work Hours for an Associate Media Planner

The associate media planner may not have a standard routine and the work hours are usually flexible as he will need to complete the work on the given deadline. They may be even required to work during the weekends and holidays depending on the cut off time of project they are handling.

Career Advancement for Associate Media Planner

The associate media planner responsibilities if handled successfully will help you to get promoted to a senior position as a media planner. Besides, you also have an option of being self-employed.

To become a true professional you need to exhibit your seriousness for the job by performing the assigned duties and using your exclusive skills to pave a way for a lucrative career.

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