Associate Online Editor Responsibilities

Associate online editor responsibilities describe the duties of various professionals who work as editors either for web content or broadcast media. Although the industries and duties may differ for online editors; their basic aim is to edit the content in such a way that it becomes easy to understand and is free from any biased opinions, visuals or facts that may stir the sentiments of the audiences.

The responsibilities of an associate online editor working for television and film production is to help the editor in setting up the editing suite and equipments that are required to view and edit the footage at the location itself. This is a very important task wherein the associate editor has to ensure that all the systems are functioning properly.

The responsibilities of an associate online editor working for web content editing or online magazines are to schedule publication dates, edit content received from the writers, apply necessary formatting to the content, research for new topics, and perform other activities related to content development and publication. Editing format for online publication differs from print media due to the fact that audiences spend less time reading on web than they would do while reading a printed book, magazine or newspaper. It becomes necessary for the associate online editor to follow the editing format to present compelling and informative content for the visitors.

Details of associate online editor responsibilities working for broadcast media

Arranging and Setting Up Equipments

An associate online editor has to arrange the equipments required for online editing and set it up at the location. He needs to check whether the power and data transfer cables are connected to the source and the footage can be viewed on the monitor.


The associate online editor has to log the details of the captured and edited footage for reference during offline editing. This logging needs to be done accurately with detailed description of time code and tape number so that the offline editors do not face a problem while retrieving and editing the footage in the later stages of post production.

Storing Tapes

The associate online editor stores the tapes of the edited footage for offline editing.

Details of online associate editor responsibilities for web content publishing

Scheduling Publication

An associate online editor works with the editorial team and other members to discuss and decide the publication schedule for web content.

Writing/Editing Articles

The associate online editor has to write articles on various topics or edit the articles written by content writers.

Researching for New Topics

The associate online editor has to research for new topics that can attract visitors to the website. He may also suggest online publication of various books and magazines that are produced for readers across the world. This research includes following traffic patterns and keyword research using different tools that assess the most searched topics on the web.

Skills of an Associate Online Editor

An associate online editor needs to be well versed in researching and editing content for websites and online magazines. He should be proficient in content management applications, blogging, and uploading tools. He should be able to work under stringent deadlines to meet requirements of the readers and maintain the flow of content to attract visitors.

Becoming an Associate Online Editor

A degree in arts, mass communication, journalism, media production or a closely related course is necessary if you want to work as an associate online editor. You may also get selected for this position even if you are a graduate in other courses provided that you possess the necessary technical skills and an experience of working as a sub editor or assistant editor.

Career Scope for Associate Online Editor

An associate online editor can hope for a bright future owing to the increase in the number of organizations producing content for broadcast and online media.

Associate online editor responsibilities illustrate the different roles performed by an individual in this position.

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