Interactive Media Planner Responsibilities

Media is one very versatile platform where advertisers have to take each step with utmost care so as to utilize the limited space the medium offers to its maximum. What we come across as advertisements are actually carefully planned campaigns that are put for us to see and hear. The advertisers aim to create a perception and this is done by targeting the right audience at the right time and through the right medium. In this pursuit, the job responsibilities of an interactive media planner play a vital role.

An interactive media planner is involved in the research and planning that help in selecting the best medium or a couple of medium to advertise a brand or product. This individual is expected to look into the possibilities that each medium has to offer and analyze which medium will be the best to connect with the target audiences. He/she has to plan the required space and time for advertising in print, broadcast, or web or all the three.

The planner has to interact with the clients on a regular basis in order to know what they are willing to spend for the campaign. Accordingly, he/she has to search and plan the medium that is effective and suits the budget of the client. He/she has to negotiate with the sellers to buy the space and time and use it according to the clients' need.

Based on the performance of the campaign and the reception and feedback of the audiences, the media planner decides regarding the medium on which the advertisement needs to be continued and discontinued to keep the efforts concentrated on the medium that is beneficial.

More information about this profession have been listed below for your reference:

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis are the most important tasks that a professional working in this position has to execute. Research and analysis is an ongoing process and the planner has to continuously perform this task prior to and post the launch of the campaign. Prior to the campaign, the research and analysis is conducted to identify the best medium for campaigning, whereas post the launch of campaign, the same process is performed to analyze its effectiveness.

Media Buying

Apart from planning, this planner buys the media as per the campaign requirement. He/she has to visit and communicate with the media owner such as newspapers, television channels, publication houses, etc., and negotiate with them.

Preparing and Presenting Proposals

This professional prepares and presents proposals to the current and prospective clients of the organization.


He/she documents the records and updates the same in a digital format. These documents are necessary to ascertain the expenses on media buying on a regular intervals.

Additional Tasks

Apart from media planning and buying, an individual has to see that the advertisements booked for printing or broadcasting appear in the right format and at the right time/day/slot. He/she has to instruct the media to change the format and timing if it is not according to the plan.

Desired Skills in an Interactive Media Planner

To become a successful interactive media planner, you need to be:

Educational Qualifications of an Interactive Media Planner

You can get into this profession if you have completed your education with a degree course in advertising, marketing, mass communication, or media management and have the experience of working in a similar position or environment.

Career Scope for an Interactive Media Planner

As an interactive media planner, you can earn an annual compensation of $65,000 to $88,000, which forms the base salary. Apart from this amount, you are eligible to earn the additional allowances and benefits the organization has to offer.

The interactive media planner responsibilities help you to understand this job and the various duties associated with it.

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