Network Technician Job Description

Today, most of the organizations rely on computer systems for management of database, performing their daily work activities, communication, etc. To make sure that each employee in the organization has proper access to the resources in the computer systems and to accomplish their tasks, the systems are connected in network. Connecting the systems in network will also help in reducing the expenses on the resources that are used in the computer systems. However, a minor technical problem or fault within a single computer system can lead to breakdown of the entire network. Hence, a network technician helps in establishment and maintenance of network among the computer systems. To know more about a network technician job description, you can read further.

A network technician is also called as network specialist. While installing these networks a network technician should understand the company standards and their data integrity standards. A network technician should also know the budget and purpose of use of computer systems by the company. The responsibilities of network technician given here will help you know more about a network technician's work profile.

Duties and Responsibilities

Technical Skills

Key Skills


To pursue career as a network technician it is necessary that you possess a graduate or post graduate degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. Some companies also hire people who do not have any technical background but pursue some certification course in hardware and networking. So, if you do not have any technical background, but are looking for a career as network technologist, then you can apply for certification course from some renowned technical institute.


A network technician may be offered about $49,905 per annum. As the experience in this field increase, salaries also increase exponentially.

Network technicians who have experience of more than 2-3 years have opportunity to work as network managers or network administrators. You can use the information provided here to draft your resume and cover letter as well. If you want to know more about a network technician job profile, you can contact us.

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