Night Auditor Job Description

Working in a hotel at night is the main requirement in the night auditor job description. They manage the books of the hotel and maintain all other financial records. The requirement to work at night arises from the fact that guests can arrive at any time.

The night auditors many times double up as front desk assistants. This is so because there are fewer guests arriving in the night time and the auditors can manage them along with the financial records. They have to greet the guests and check for reservations they made. They have to take down their details like address, contact information, etc. and the help them check in to their rooms.

The main requirement in a night auditor job description is bookkeeping. As soon as they arrive for work, they take the ledger and check all the ledger entries and balance them. This way, they can start afresh for the night shift. The morning ledger is maintained by the front desk clerks, and they are responsible for making all the entries, though they are not auditors, they are trained for it. They make entries when guests check out in the morning.

If the guests check out during the night time, they have to make the bill for them. They have to calculate the correct amount and bill them accordingly. If the hotel has an attached restaurant, the auditors also have to verify the bills from there. Once the guests make the payment, the auditors then have to issue them the correct receipt with all information on the expenses. This way, the guests can double check the bill and confirm the amenities they used.

The billing information is then quickly recorded in the books. If there is a night accountant present, then this information is forwarded to them for recording. They have to ensure all the entries in the ledger are correct before their shift ends so the there are no financial discrepancies for the morning front desk employees. Night auditors have to be adept at using computers for making entries. Today, most accounting is done on software and the auditors have to be good in using these software programs.

There is more in the night auditor job description. Read the information provided to get a complete gist on the profession.

Duties and Responsibilities in a Night Auditor Job Description

The night auditors do not require high education, however, they need to be good in accounting for which they do accounting courses. They get a good salary because of the additional front desk duties that are given to them. Work hours are not hectic for them, but they have to be responsible about the books they have to maintain.

Academic Requirement to be a Night Auditor

Career Advancement

Many night auditors are students who attend college or do courses in the morning. They use this experience to make a career in accounting. The night auditors who plan on staying in this profession are entitled to promotions to administrative positions in the hotel.

The night auditor job description is to audit the books for the hotel at night and to also manage the front desk. The front desk responsibility is given to them because rarely do customers check in or check out during night time, and the hotel does not need to hire clerks especially for this.

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