Army Nurse Responsibilities

The Army nurse profession is specifically performed as highly important work in United States Army Nurse Corporation. The main function of every Army nurse is to provide medical health care services to all employees of Army. The Army nurse attains proficiency in their work by undergoing definite training sessions provided by military department. Here, we are listing some essential features associated with Army nurse responsibilities:

Basic responsibilities of an Army nurse

An Army nurse is responsible to carry out definite set of duties as directed by the physician or doctors of particular department. Following are some major responsibilities of an Army nurse described below:

  1. One of the basic responsibility of an Army nurse is to do observation duties such as monitoring blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate and likewise. At the same time, these professionals are meant to keep a record of all observations in order to consult with concerned doctor or physician.
  2. The second crucial responsibility of an Army nurse is to keep monitoring the behavioral or physical changes of the patient apart from simply providing medication to them.
  3. These professionals may need to deal with all kinds of patients such as, mentally sick soldiers, provide routine checkup to army soldiers especially female patients during their pregnancy or any critical health conditions.
  4. The Army nurse profession also deals with collecting detailed information of each and every patient in order to provide accurate treatment.
  5. One of highly important responsibilities of an Army officer is to provide health care services only on the basis of policies and standards made by the organization.
  6. These professionals are also meant to maintain proper documentation and report files of each patient.
  7. The Army nurse is responsible to follow all instructions and directions provided by medical professionals such as doctors or physicians in the field.
  8. The Army nurse also provides assistance to surgeons during their surgical operation.

Educational qualification and training required for Army Nurse work

In order to start off your career as an Army nurse, you must fulfill following eligibility criteria:

  1. First of all, you must acquire U.S. Citizenship with complete proof of essential documents.
  2. It is highly important that you must undergo definite medical tests in order to ensure your fitness for the work. At the same time, you should also satisfy all moral standards decided by Army organization.
  3. Most importantly, your age limit should lie between twenty one and forty two.
  4. You should also obtain a graduate degree in nursing course. However, in order to have advancement in your career, your master's degree in the same associated field can greatly benefit you.
  5. In the end, you must possess proper nursing license, so that you can practice nursing throughout your life.

Work environment

Like every other nursing profession, an Army nurse also experiences a full time work schedule into their lives. They may need to report the concerned department as per the requirement. They usually work for hospitals, medical agencies or may also work in battle field. However, these professionals also work for specific Army communities and engaged in designing several preventive measures to ensure healthy environment to Army soldiers and their families. However, specifically they work for Army professionals in terms of providing adequate medical treatment.

Job prospect

The Army nurse profession holds a significant career growth. Apart from the monetary support, several benefits associated with this particular job enhances the importance of this particular profession. They are also provided with stipend services and allowance facility from the working area. They are also provided with other facilities like medical and life insurances. As a result, several career opportunities can be experienced depending upon the departments you are associated with. These departments are like, Psychiatric department, emergency room, gynecology work or simply in public health section.

Consequently, it can be concluded that Army nurse responsibilities entails occurrence of all nursing duties as trained by the department. Most importantly, the most essential part is to fulfill all eligibility criteria for this profession as described above.

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