Office Clerk Job Description

Office clerk performs basic clerical duties in an office such as calculation of payroll, entering data in the computer and preparing bills. They keep a track of all the business activities and make sure that the business is running smoothly. He works in coordination with many departments of the company such as human resource department, administration department and accounting and finance department. He provides all the necessary information and raw data that has to be processed and used to calculate the salary and other expenses of the company. Though an office clerk in not directly involved in the calculation of salary and financial transactions of the company, he should have sound knowledge of the procedures adapted in calculations so that he can provide optimized data to the finance department of the company. To know more about an office clerk job description, read further.

In some smaller organizations where there is less work force the office clerks may be involved in some additional responsibilities as well. They handle minor calculations that are performed by the accounting clerks and minimize the need of an accounting clerk. However bigger organizations where there is enough workforce may also give some minor responsibilities such as handling office equipments, issuing checks to the employees, direct calls and many other clerical duties.

Duties and Responsibilities of Office Clerk

Skills Required by Office Clerks

Educational Qualifications Required for Office Clerks

Office clerks should at least be a graduate in finance, accounting, or management. Some organizations even hire individuals who are just high school diploma holders but have expertise in calculating and handling financial and simple money transactions of the company. Possessing a certification course in computer software such as MS Office, MS Excel, and some simple accounting software will be an advantage for people who want to seek some higher level positions in this field.

Salaries Offered to Office Clerks

An office clerk may earn about $30,000 per annum if he is experienced. If he has no experience he may earn less than this.

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