Intelligence Officer Responsibilities

The motive of a military intelligence officer is to obtain information and analyze it according to the battlefield environment. The details are then passed on to military forces on a cordial ground to develop the odds of victory.

The intelligence officer is a military official who is trained to detect threat levels, obtain information through keeping eye on enemy lines and war zone, direct security activities and other operations that involve secret empirical operations regarding menace to the country or the military. Though intelligence officer responsibilities may be similar in various branches of armed services, they are also shaped by the institution where these official are employed.

Mostly, this officer conducts the operations that will be performed during interrogations of suspected foreign invaders or terrorists. He/she presents their detection reports to the commander in chief to assist them plant out for the critical actions needed to be taken regarding security procedures and war tactics.

Work Environment

Working condition for this military officers is extremely variable and may change often. Some officials work in an office where they draft reports of their findings and operate surveillance equipment that is created to stag on border patrol areas and places at risk of foreign invasion or terror attacks.

On the other hand, a few others perform directly in a combat area as interrogation officers or spies where they question the suspects. Intelligence specialists rarely have the same type of work in their routine. Some work solely in an office, whereas some work initially in the field, but there are always new findings to report and variety of jobs to conduct.

These officers work 24 x 7; many of them work in rotating shifts between evening, morning and mid night hours; however, many personnel become accustomed to work for days at a time when they are working on a dangerous or large mission. Some will operate directly in a combat area and risk their life to find the required information.


The military intelligence of army is responsible for reporting all collective intelligence details during Army mission. The information provided by them is often helpful to plan out strategies that will save the operational soldiers on front lines. These intelligence officials specialize in the following areas.

Work Activities and Responsibilities of Intelligence officer

Intelligence officer's routine work involves typical activities and for executing them efficiently, they need to have an excellent knowledge of technical advancements and strategies. Some of their responsibilities are discussed in brief.

Training Assistance

Some office intelligence personnel such as all military officers have to provide training to their subordinates. All these personnel have to peruse a formal course training; however, they also get on the job training when they join a new unit. These officials in military intelligence department are also responsible for scheduling training programs that evaluate analytical ability and data collection of the unit as a whole.

Unit Security

These offices also have to maintain security of the unit. Generally, there is an in-charge who makes sure that classified documents are appropriately stored. They also find out the eligible person for a security clearance and usually operate with military law enforcement to make certain that the security of unit personnel, facilities and equipment is optimal.

Education and Training

To work as an intelligence officer, the candidate must be a citizen of the US and should be already enlisted in a specific military branch. He/she should have completed basic training and also pursued a series of courses, graduate programs, and tests. They get the advanced training from the Military Intelligence Officer Advanced Course at the United States. They also undertake post graduate training from the Defense Intelligence College.

Training for the post of an intelligence official varies as per the military branch they are working with. They have to qualify several levels of certification and training to reach at this position and pass a series of exams to carry the intelligence officer responsibilities tactfully.

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