Pharmacy Technician Job Description

The pharmacy sector is one of the biggest sectors in the world. The profits they make are comparable to the oil sector, and this is one of the few fields that are not affected by the recession. Simply put it, in times of recession, people pop more pills. Therefore, if you are considering a career as a pharmacy technician, read up on the pharmacy technician job description we have provided for your benefit.

A pharmacy technician is the one who helps the pharmacist in running their pharmacy. However, they are not the pharmacist; they do not possess the education or the knowledge to give advice to people regarding their medication. They have to work under the guidance of the pharmacist. They work mostly in pharmacies and some even get the opportunities to work in hospitals.

They draw a decent salary, but it also depends upon the revenue generated by the pharmacy. Good work done by the technician helps in building customer relations. They are the ones that handle the main counter and give the patients their prescribed medication. It is important for them to be attentive while giving the medications because many people, out of faith, do not check the medications and take whatever is given to them. Hence, it is important for the technician to do their job correctly.

They need not have the high education of the pharmacist, but need to have some experience in the pharmacy business. Most use this job as a stepping stone to become pharmacists; they work as technicians and complete their pharmacy education on the side. This gives them experience, knowledge about the business, not mention the money for education. Therefore, it is a positive situation for them. Read the pharmacy technician job description, to understand the job better.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician

Education Required by the Pharmacy Technician

Extra Skills

Career Advancement

As stated before, most use it as an opportunity to become a pharmacist, and use the money to study further.

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