Probation Officer Job Description

Crime has been on the rise. Many people indulge in criminal activity, but not all of them have to be put behind bars. Many of them have scope for rehabilitation. These people are put on probation and are assigned under the care of probation officers. The probation officers keep a check on them and help them get back to normalcy in society. Read the probation officer job description, to know about this important profession.

People who do not have any criminal records or have been known to be good citizens, but are unfortunately found indulging in criminal activity, are given a chance to redeem themselves and are put on probation. They are assigned a probation officer to whom they have to report. The probation officers conduct weekly meetings with their assignees. They can call them to their office or they can make surprise visits to their place.

The probation officers conduct a meeting with them and confirm from them that they are not indulging in any wrong doing. They also carry out their separate investigations to corroborate that fact. The offender has to meet the probation officers for the amount of time the court has stipulated. If the offender is caught, the probation officer will then report them to the court and their punishment will be decided.

The probation officers work with communities where crime rate is more. They design programs that will help rehabilitate people with criminal pasts. The convicts who are released from the prison also have to report to probation officers. Even people who caught consuming drugs or excessive alcohol many times have to report to the probation officers and they conduct tests on them to ensure that they are sober. They also get them admitted in rehab clinics to help them get rid of the habit.

Probation officers have been extremely helpful in keeping many people away from crime. They have been helpful especially in the case of ex-convicts. They help them get jobs as many employers are apprehensive about hiring ex-convicts. The probation officers get them jobs where they get decent pay and the employer also knows about their past. There are more duties for a probation officer, to know all of them, read the detailed probation officer job description given below.

Duties and responsibilities of Probation Officer

Probation officers make a good living. Since, this is a government job; the benefits that come with are extremely good. The only risk could be interacting with ex-cons, but probation officers are given good physical and mental training.

Education Required

Career advancements prospects

Probation officers get promoted to senior position in their work place. They can also become teachers and trainers for new probation officers.

The probation officer's job description is to monitor the people put on probation, but there is a lot more to this profession. It is because of them that people can get a second chance in life, and avoid going to prison.

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