Editorial Manager Responsibilities

The editorial manager is generally responsible for supervising and allocating the work to editors, sub-editors, authors, and reporters. They generally oversee all the aspects of content for publication. The editorial managers usually work for newspapers, websites, magazines, news channels, and other mass media. They may also work for the public relation agencies where they generally manage the flow of information between an organization and its public. The editorial manger responsibilities also include guiding and directing writers, editors, photographers, and reporters to assemble the stories and other content that draws in readers.

The editorial managers are responsible for conducting budget meetings to decide what is to be posted or printed. These meeting are generally arranged twice a day and includes other editors and reporters. In these meetings, each editor submits news or information according to his or her area of expertise. The editorial manager then decides which news must be printed immediately and which news can be published on another day. The editorial managers are also responsible of allocating assignments to the reporters by specifying them the area of coverage. They also often give their opinions while drafting any magazine by providing information about what can be found in the latest issue.

The editorial managers many a times also work with human resource department to recruit or hire editors. They may conduct interviews and analyze editors based upon their educational qualification, experience, and area of expertise. As a manager, the editorial managers are also responsible of supervising employees under them and also have to see to it that they work according to the organizational norms. The editorial manager also sees to it that all the employees follow the rules and regulations as described by the organization as well as the government. The editorial manager must also ensure that all the allocated work is undertaken perfectly and within the allocated time.

The job of an editorial manager is a highly responsible one and requires lot of hard work and dedication. Along with hard work, the candidate must also be smart enough with expert skills that will help him or her during this job. As this is a highly responsible job, the candidates must also possess certain educational qualifications and experience that will make them eligible for this job position. The below given information about the educational qualification, key skills, and editorial manager responsibilities will help you understand all the essential requirements for this job profile.

Educational Qualification of an Editorial Manager

The editorial manager post is one of the high level posts and requires good educational background. According to various employers, the basic qualification for the post of an editorial manager is a bachelor's degree in journalism or communication and mass media. Along with this qualification, the candidate must also possess relevant experience in the field of journalism. To gain the position of an editorial manager, the candidate must also possess essential knowledge about news writing, editing, photojournalism, and graphics design. The job of an editorial manager is highly competitive and employers often prefer recruiting candidates with a master's degree in journalism or mass communication for this post.

Key Skills of an Editorial Manager

Proficiency in English is one of the major skills of an editorial manager. However, along with this, he or she is also expected to possess the following skills:

Job Responsibilities of an Editorial Manager

The job responsibilities of an editorial manager include supervising and allotting jobs to the editors, writers, and reporters. Along with supervising, they are also responsible for undertaking the following duties:

Salary of an Editorial Manager

The median annual salary of an editorial manager is about $95,000. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary of an editorial manager generally ranges in between $45,000 to $120,000 and is generally calculated on the basis of the editorial manager's educational qualification and experience. The above mentioned salary may also fluctuate according to the employer.

The editorial manager responsibilities mentioned above will provide you detailed information about the job profile and duties carried out by the editorial manager. The candidates interested in planning their career in this field would get necessary information from the educational qualifications and key skill sections mentioned above.

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