Receptionist Job Description

A receptionist's job takes an important share in the overall functioning of an organization. She is the face of a company; in fact, the first official professional to whom an individual encounters after entering any organization. The profile involves being conscious of every occurrence taking place in the company and making arrangements and devising plans for its immediate and forthcoming corporate events.

Always wearing a smile on her face, the professional coordinates and organizes corporate meetings, training sessions, travel planning, deliveries, and other indispensable programs of a firm.

The job is not easy because it involves coordinating with a multitude of assorted individuals and personnel. Operating as the flag bearer of an organization, the professional conducts varied types of demanding and testing tasks besides the usual job duties.

One of the primary responsibilities shouldered by the receptionist is alluring new clientele and retaining outgoing or past customers via efficient customer service, effectual communication, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Receptionist Job Responsibilities



Career Advancement

Performance of dedicated work through the exhibition of sound knowledge and efficient skills in this field can lead to a promotion to higher posts such as hospitality manager, front desk manager, or an official incharge over a team of receptionists.

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