Field Applications Scientist Responsibilities

Field applications scientists are involved in offering customer support regarding issues in scientific equipment, supplies, and lab instruments. It requires them to deal with customers for problem solving, sales activities, and consumer education regarding the product usage. They usually work for manufacturers of scientific equipment or lab service providers.

Key Responsibilities of Field Applications Scientist

Field application scientists are responsible for designing the scientific equipment and tools required for experimentation, calibrating the tools accurately, offering support services to customers regarding the usage, and troubleshooting the issues arising in effective usage of calibrated information. Field application scientists are also involved in carrying out the sales procedures of calibrated instruments, spreading awareness with consumers regarding the product usage, and developing recommendations for effective usage of these products and services.

The key responsibilities of a field application scientist comprise:

Required Qualifications and Skills

In order to get a job in the field of field applications scientist, one must possess higher level education / experience in this field. He should be a graduate / post-graduate degree in the field of science. The choice of subjects differs as per the technical requirements of the company, and it determines the future of the applicant. For example, the company dealing with engineering products requires one to have a degree in engineering subjects like mechanical, electrical, or electronic engineering; while the company dealing with biotechnology equipment requires one to have a degree in biotechnology field like molecular biology, biology, microbiology or biochemistry. Postgraduate degree in the relevant field of studies is considered by most employers, though a doctorate degree in the same is preferred for obtaining a better position in this field.

Apart from the educational qualifications, one also needs to gather relevant experience in the field of application scientist. Field application scientist has to work in intellectual activities like designing and developing the scientific equipment. He also has to give presentations to the customers, calibrate the equipment accordingly, and participate in sales and marketing of the product as well. Hence, it is necessary for a field application scientist to gather relevant experience which would aide his performance for the organization.

Along with this, one also needs to demonstrate certain skills required for accomplishing the responsibilities of a field application scientist efficiently. One needs to be strongly organized, have good oral and written skills, good interpersonal skills, good knowledge on latest scientific developments, and he must also possess both basic and advanced technical skills for designing and developing the products efficiently. Also, he must be willing to travel to various locations for executing the tasks assigned to him successfully. He must also be committed to provide total customer satisfaction with absolute professionalism.

Salary Compensation

The average salary of a field application scientist falls in the range of $70,000 to $90,000 per year, though it mostly depends on the scientific education required by the organization and total work experience of the professional. Along with this, work location also matters in determining the average salary of the applicant.

Field applications scientists are involved in handling both research and marketing activities, hence they play an important role in the organization. Candidates applying for this field must perform versatile responsibilities. It is advisable to have a look at the roles and responsibilities of a field applications scientist before taking a major decision of your career. If you think you can handle these responsibilities efficiently, you can apply for the same and make progressive career in this field.

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