Sales Assistant Job Description

The sales assistant job description states that sales assistant indulges in direct selling of the product of the company. They are present on the company payroll and they can be stationed in the company main office or exclusive retail outlets.

Sales assistant's main job is to sell the company's products. They sell the product directly to the consumers or they can sell them in bulk to wholesalers and retailers. However, there is more to the sales assistant job description than just selling.

Since they work in sales, they have to be aware of all the market conditions. Market condition is also one of the factors that can hamper sales. Even if the sales assistant is good at selling, if there is downturn in the market or some other rival is selling their product for a cheaper price, it will definitely affect the overall sales. Therefore, sales assistants need to have in-depth knowledge of the market conditions.

Sales assistants have to devise market strategies to increase sales. They can come out with unique offers and discounts that will tempt the public into buying their product. They can make some good sales contacts that will help them make their sales. They can also take help from senior sales associates or sales managers if they are having trouble making sales. They should learn their selling techniques and put them into practice.

Another great technique to make sales is to keep a database of customers. In this database, they need to have the names of customers who usually buy their products. Therefore, whenever there is a new product out in the market, the sales assistants can contact them and sell the product to them. To these faithful customers, they can also give exclusive offers and sell them the products at a price lower than the retail price. This way, the customers develop a loyal relationship with the company and sales assistant.

The sales assistants have to issue receipts for all the sales they make. They have to ensure that the amount entered and the dates are correct. These receipts are important for maintaining correct accounts. They have to make entries for all the sales they make as the figures are used for calculating profits and losses. The sales assistant job description does not just end here; there are many more tasks they have to complete. Read further to know how beneficial this job can be if one wants to earn big.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Assistant

Sales assistant is one of the few professions where one does not need much formal education, but the opportunity to earn big money is ever present. They can make good money through sales as most companies offer performance incentives and sales percentages to all the sales assistants. They also have ample opportunities to get promotion in their workplace.

Education Needed by a Sales Assistant

Career Advancement

Sales assistant, after gaining some experience can occupy the posts of sales associates and managers. However, many of the assistants remain in their position as they get a chance to earn incentives and percentages.

The sales assistant job description may just seem like making sales, but they are also flag bearers of the company. The customers get to interact with them, and if sales assistants are able to impress even one of them, they end up creating goodwill for the company.

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