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Sales is the most important function of an organization. It is what creates the profits for the company to function. Profit is the only motive for the existence of a company. It is the job of a sales associate to increase the sales and in turn increase the profits of the company. For further details, read the sales associate job description we have provided for you.

Sales associate, the meaning of the word means a person who helps in creating sales. That is the exact nature of this job profile. They are the ones who are responsible for the sale of a product. The associates have to create awareness of the product so the public is inclined to purchase it. They have to work closely with the marketing department while creating a buzz about the product.

For their main objective of sales, they have to create a chain of distribution through which they can supply their product. However, first a demand for the product has to be created. Only then will the product will be purchased by the retailers and consumers. The associates work in the sales department, and are also known as the sales executives. They report to their assigned sales managers regarding the sales of the product.

One great advantage of being an associate is the opportunity they have to earn extra money. In a bid to boost sales, companies offer commission to associates on the sale of the product. Hence, the associates can earn extra money through good sales and be on the payroll of the company. Sales is a field where one needs to have good persuasive skills and the ability to work under pressure, but the rewards are good.

To know more about this exciting job profile, go through the sales associate job description provided for your benefit.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Associate

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Career Advancement

Through commission, they make a lot of money. They even have the opportunity to become high-level managers. Some establish their own sales agencies which are later used by companies to launch new products. The possibilities are endless for people working in sales.

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