Sales Manager Job Description

The title itself is quite self explanatory. The manager responsible for the sales of products or services in a company is the sales manager. Many companies are into the business of selling products and services. To make profits, they have to sell a certain number of products, and for the sale of the products, sales executives are responsible. The person who manages all the executives and the whole department is the sales manager. To know more, read the sales manager job description we have provided.

Theirs and the job of their department are important as they are the ones who generate all the profits of the company. Profits come only from the sales of the product and services. It is responsibility of the manager to make sure that each and every employee of his department is functioning to their optimum skills.

The sales department in an organization could consist of hundreds or even thousands of employees. The reason the number is so high is because, to sell to a large number of people, one needs to have a network of executives working. The job of the manager is to handle this huge number of employees.

The people working in sales have great opportunities salary wise, not only do they get paid a good basic salary, but they also receive commission in sales. The manager too gets a hefty salary and performance incentives, but these incentives are based on the company policies. The manager needs to have great management skills and should be a great problem solver as they face many situations throughout the day. This job comes with a pressure to perform on a daily basis but the rewards are worth it.

These are just a few of things that a sales manager is responsible for. To know more, read the sales manager job description provided for your better understanding.

Duties and Responsibilities of Sales Manager


Career Advancement

The post of a sales manager is already counted in the high-level management bracket. With even better performance, they can move further up in the management, like a place on the board of directors. Here, they even get stock options from the company.

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