Security Supervisor Job Description

Hiring private security has become common. There are large security agencies that provide security to individuals and companies who can afford it. There are assigned teams of security officers and the team is headed by a security supervisor. To know more about this senior position in the security sector, read the security supervisor's job description.

Security supervisors are in charge of the whole security team. Security personnel are usually employed in a large number to protect a certain area and hence, a supervisor is required to coordinate amongst all the officers. They communicate with each one of them through walkie-talkies and give them instructions.

CCTV's are a common sight nowadays, and it is here that the security supervisor is mostly stationed. They keep an eye on all the CCTV video that is being streamed. They also keep a watch to see whether all the officers are manning their stations or no. The supervisors also ensure that all the officers arrive to work on time. They hand out all the weapons to them and also make sure that they are wearing the uniform given to them. These are some of the basic duties in a security supervisor job description.

Security supervisors have to carry out inspections on the premises to see if everything is in order. The security officers contact the supervisors in case they find any suspicious object, or they come across any suspicious activity. In this matter, the supervisors have to alert the correct authority as it could be a major security issue.

Before they begin work, security supervisors have to survey the areas and do a complete security detailing of the area. They also give their suggestions on which are the correct places to install CCTV cameras. They review all the footage recorded in the cameras to find any suspicious activity that they may have missed earlier. These are the important tasks in a security supervisor job description; details about their advancement and education are also given.

Security Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

Security supervisors make a good living. It is a senior post in an agency and they are also entitled to benefits. The education required for this position is not that high. The important factor is the amount of experience they have.

Education Required

Career Advancement

Security supervisors get a leg up in the management of the agency they work in. Here they have to do more administrative work, and the risk factor is absent. The hike in pay is also good.

The security supervisor job description is to supervise a team of security guards and officers and ensure all of them are doing their job well.

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