AutoCAD Drafter Responsibilities

As you come across a building, vehicle, aircraft, or any other product or machinery; chances are that it has gone through a rigorous process of development. The outer appearance and the internal specifications of any product are developed by the engineers and then finalized for production. The person who finalizes these designs and draws them on AutoCAD is called as the AutoCAD drafter.

An AutoCAD drafter is a creatively and technically proficient individual who helps organizations in modifying and finalizing product layout as per the instructions given by the designing and engineering team. He has to receive the rough drafts of a product from the team and accordingly put that design on AutoCAD with accurate specifications and features.

The advantage with AutoCAD is that the production/construction team is able to understand as to how they need to execute the process to give the product the required look. This is possible by the 3D models of that product that an AutoCAD drafter prepares. The AutoCAD drafter also tries to resolve any design discrepancies and modify the design in order to enhance the appearance of the product.

Read the AutoCAD drafter responsibilities enlisted below to know more about this job.

Creating Rough Drafts

An AutoCAD drafter plans and prepares rough drafts or blueprints of the preliminary designs and specifications provided by the engineering or production team. These designs are again reviewed and discussed to identify and implement any positive changes or additions to the current design and features.

Preparing Final Designs

Once all the specifications are finalized, the AutoCAD drafter prepares final designs of the product. These designs are prepared both in 2D and 3D format for the understanding of construction or production team.

Implementing Controls

While designing is an integral part of the AutoCAD drafter responsibilities, he is also required to implement the safety and pollution control products in the product blueprint. He suggests the quantity and quality of materials to be used in production.

Supervising Junior Drafters

An AutoCAD drafter is also assigned with the task of training and supervising junior drafters in the organization. He can assign specific tasks to the junior drafter depending on their competency and project requirements.

Skills of an AutoCAD Drafter

An individual planning to apply for the job of AutoCAD drafter should be skilled in:

Becoming an AutoCAD Drafter

There are many ways through which you can reach to the position of AutoCAD drafter. You can opt for a degree course in computer science or architectural studies that will help you to learn how to use AutoCAD for various purposes. Previous experience of working in a similar or a junior position will be of great help owing to the increasing number of candidates applying for this job.

Career Scope for an AutoCAD Drafter

Average salary for an AutoCAD drafter is $43,000. Employers may offer various allowances apart from the salary such as annual bonus, performance incentives, travel allowances, paid leaves, 401K insurance, etc. The amount or compensation for all these allowances will differ with each employer.

You must have realized that the AutoCAD drafter responsibilities play a major part in the development and production of various products we use today. You can also identify the path that are required to choose in case you want to make your career as an AutoCAD drafter.

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