Integration Architect Job Description

The position of an integration architect requires a candidate with excellent creative vision. He/she is the one who knows how to integrate various types of computer software and components. The integration architect works as a part of professional services team and has the technical skills required to participate in designing, selling and delivering professional service projects in the field of software technology. He/she has in depth knowledge of integration products. He/she should be able to spot and identify client issues, handle them effectively, envision and architect suitable solutions and discuss them with the delivery teams, clients and information builders' management. In order to perform integration architect responsibilities effectively, the employers look for a candidate who have specific training that typically requires extensive experience in the engineering field.

Software Integration Architect

These days, software integration is a usual process in most organizations because of the abundance modular software components and several small computer devices. Most organizations use variety of software tools for certain business procedures, and system integration is used to develop a cohesive technological view for the organization. The integration architect leads in the designing sector and builds this cohesive strategy and model.

An Internet based sales tracking application is a suitable example of a software product that is usually integrated in the business field. These type of applications prove beneficial for the organizations to define prospective leads and track tips for prospective new customers. Many sales tracking software are patented and require an integration architect to verify how to combine the software into the set of tools used by the company.

These architects can also work on enterprise data warehousing projects which require system specialists who understand the technique of pulling diverse data into an enterprise-reporting application. Since these individuals have the knowledge of compiling data by using special integration techniques, they are comfortable to work on such projects. These types of projects are typically functional in large sales companies that have unique systems.

Software integration demands broad skills and knowledge of multiple types of computer appliances, and integration architects are the experts who know how to compile several software products and meet complex business necessities. Understanding each complexity of database software, reporting software as well as graphical software tools and build an enterprise strategy that can be adopted throughout the enterprise are some the basic responsibilities of these designing professionals.

Job Functions

Although their responsibilities may vary as per the organization, there are some common and essential work activities that most integration architects perform in their routine work and they include the following:

Education and Experience

Candidates aspiring to work as an integration architect should have at least a bachelor's degree (B.A. or B.S.) in a business or technical field or relevant training or work experience or equivalent combination of experience and education. They must have a background of engineering environment and technical professional services. In order to perform this job efficiently, an individual should be able to execute each essential task satisfactorily. The criteria mentioned below are representative of the essential skill, knowledge and ability. Reasonable adaptations can be made to enable the candidates with disabilities to perform the important tasks.

Since all the tasks performed by an integration architect are based on advanced technology, candidates need to have the technical qualifications to be included in all facets of integration deployment and development. These professionals must have the potential to work independently without any guidance or supervision, and they must be capable of advising and supervising their juniors on small to large scale projects. They should be able to recognize as well as assist in exploiting business opportunities and contribute actively in business development.

Candidates need to have knowledge of advanced technology in order to perform integration architect responsibilities effectively. They should be essentially adaptable and flexible with a potential to guide their assistants and perform multiple duties by using best of their knowledge and skills.

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