Applications Integration Specialist Responsibilities

The applications integration specialist is a person who has ample knowledge of the upgrading technologies. He is an expert person in various programming languages and looks into the data interfaces of the firm. The application integration specialist career is one of the most demanding and interesting careers and provides continuous knowledge about the developing technologies. To start your career as an application integration specialist, you must be highly knowledgeable about different computer applications and upgraded with the constant changes and developments in the technologies. The application integration specialist responsibilities include building up system strategies, work with database and system administration teams, assist and perform system development plans, resolve problems related to integration deliverables, etc.

The application integration specialist takes care of the implementation of the integration solutions. He is also knowledgeable about the features and capabilities of the Web Logic Integration product. The application integration specialist consults with the EIS specialist to determine various requirements. These requirements are then mapped into the Web Logic Integration features to design integration solution architecture. These people also have experiences in the following fields:

To start a career as an application integration specialist, one must first understand the key skills, educational qualifications, job responsibilities, and benefits of this job. Following is a detailed information about all these points, which will help you to gain adequate knowledge and choose this field as a career option:

Key Skills

An application integration specialist must have excellent analytical and research skills. He must also be in touch with the current technologies and have a sound knowledge of the same. Following are some of the other common key skills required in an application integration specialist:

Job Description

The application integration specialist job responsibilities include planning, executing, and managing the integration of new applications into the existing system throughout the enterprise. However, following are some of the other common application integration specialist responsibilities:


The salary of the application integration specialist often varies upon his qualification and the knowledge he possesses. The salary also depends upon his experience as an integration specialist and prior experience of the field. The application integration specialists are paid an average salary of $85000 per year. However, this salary may vary according to the employer and your experience as an integration specialist.

The above details will help you to understand the basic skills and job responsibilities of an application integration specialist. It will help you to plan your career and enhance your future.

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