EHS Specialist Responsibilities

The EHS specialist stands for the environmental and health safety specialist. The EHS specialist responsibilities include the development of all company safety operations concerning the fire, emergency, safety, and environmental programs. The EHS specialist is also responsible for all safety policies including the federal, state, and local regulations and codes. They generally carry out various awareness campaigns for promoting the culture of safety. The EHS specialist may carry out routine inspections to check whether all the safety measures are working properly. The EHS specialist is one of the most important job positions in huge industries carrying out production using various hazardous chemicals.

The EHS specialist undertakes research processes to identify the abating or eliminating sources of pollutants or hazardous chemicals that may affect the environment or the health of the population. Using the knowledge of various scientific disciplines, the EHS specialist may collect samples of air, soil, food, and water to synthesize, analyze, document, and recommend actions based on data derived from measurements. The EHS specialist further analysis this data to determine the validity, quality, scientific significance, and for interpreting the correlation between human activities and its effect on the environment.

To become an EHS specialist, a candidate must have ample knowledge of various industrial and environmental aspects. He or she must also be aware of various educational qualifications and skills required for this job. The candidate looking forward to build a career in this field must also be aware of different job responsibilities of an EHS specialist. The below given information about the educational qualification, key skills, and EHS specialist responsibilities will help you understand the job profile of an EHS specialist.

Educational Qualifications of an EHS Specialist

The EHS specialist must have ample knowledge about chemicals, environmental science, and human health. According to various employers, the basic qualification required for the EHS specialist is a bachelor's degree in environmental chemistry, environmental health, environmental science, environmental studies, marine science, environmental restoration, industrial ecology, etc. Along with the bachelor's degree, the candidate must have a minimum experience of about six to seven years in this field. The job of an EHS specialist is a responsible job as he or she is responsible for the health of a huge population. Thus, employers often prefer well educated candidates with a master's degree in environmental science or other derived branches.

Key Skills of an EHS Specialist

The EHS specialist must possess technical knowledge in varied disciplines related to the environment, health, and safety compliance. Along with this, he or she must also possess skills as follows:

Job Responsibilities of an EHS Specialist

The EHS specialist is responsible for ensuring all the safety precautions are carried out properly. Along with this, the EHS specialist is also responsible for other job duties as follows:

Salary of an EHS Specialist

The average annual salary of an EHS specialist is about $65,000. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary of an EHS specialist generally ranges in between $34,000 to $87,000. The employers often decide the EHS specialist salary according to the candidate's educational qualification and prior experience in this field. The above mentioned EHS specialist salary may even vary for highly experienced EHS specialists.

Candidates looking forward to build a career as an EHS specialist can get ample information from the described EHS specialist responsibilities. This information will guide you in planning your career in this field.

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