Enrollment Specialist Job Description

Enrollment specialist responsibilities include student administration, co-ordination and research, directing, planning, and conducting other educational activities at universities, community colleges, postsecondary institutions, and junior colleges. The job post of an enrollment specialist is covered under the wide career category of Postsecondary Education Administrators. Enrollment specialists enroll individuals for services in a specific job field after completion of their course. They can also be termed as Registrar, as they sign up students for various courses.

Generally, a GED recipient or a high school graduate is eligible to become an enrollment specialist. This is the minimum required knowledge for this post, although some organizations may require a bachelor's or associates degree. Often, enrollment specialists employed in the insurance industry should hold a license provided by the Health and Life Insurance in the state.

Enrollment Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Enrollment specialists can work in a variety of sectors; this may include health care, social services, insurance, and educational services.

They have the authority to enroll individual into retirement plans, inscribe the children into daycare programs, make entry of patients into Medicare or health care programs, enroll the students into university or college for the academic programs, assist the individuals who are seeking health care and insurance with government's payoffs and more.

Their duties may vary as per the institution, but they may be required for the data entry of enrollment applications into the computer. They have to explain the eligibility criteria to the students, maintain the enrollment data, send correspondence and required letters, process dis-enrollments, conduct educational sessions, assist in payment revived and billing, obtain the number of the provider, etc.

Keys tasks of the enrollment specialists are as discussed below:

Required Skills and Experience

An enrollment specialist should have a general idea and knowledge about the field he or she is working in. He/she needs to have the required knowledge of computer skills and data entry. Excellent grammar skills, proofreading and proficiency in writing along with interpersonal customer service skills are some of the essential things that are required.

Employment Outlook

It is complicated to quote an accurate salary figure for the post of an enrollment specialist, since their work area is vast. They can work in various sectors and a personnel on this post can earn in between $25,000 and $35,000 per year. Some enrollment specialists may earn perks as commissions and bonuses. Enrollment specialist responsibilities and enrollment advisor responsibilities are slightly similar and they can be managed with the help of on the job training. The responsibilities of these professionals change as per the sector and institution.

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