Environmental Specialist Job Description

Environmental specialists are involved in the environment protection program. They are responsible for determining the causes of environment problems and providing practical solutions of eliminating the hazardous substances from the environment. They are required to provide a scientific solution to the environmental problems, such that it leaves a minimum impact on the overall health of the public or environment. Environmental specialists conduct scientific research and analyze the results before coming up with an innovative solution to the problem which is beneficial for the company, environment, and population. Sometimes, they are also referred to as environmental scientists.

Key Responsibilities of Environmental Specialist

An environmental specialist has to apply the fundamental principles of environmental sciences for carrying out the inspection, investigation, and monitoring of activities which produce hazardous substances. He then has to devise a technical program for collecting, analyzing, and evaluating the environmental data for determining the potential hazard and provide the technical solution for the same.

The key responsibilities of an environmental specialist comprise:

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification requirement for this job profile is a bachelor's degree in environmental science or in other relevant subjects like physical science, environmental engineering, etc. Apart from this, an environmental specialist must also have working knowledge of hazardous and waste materials found in the industrial environment, and some experience in evaluating and controlling the magnitude of hazards caused by these substances.

This job profile requires one to work with hazardous substances and continually come in contact with it, hence the candidates who are experienced with working in such an environment are preferred, as they are aware of risks involved in the work.

Apart from the educational qualification and experience, certain additional skills are required for carrying out the job responsibilities in this profile. Environmental specialists need to possess good verbal and written communication skills, technical writing skills, and critical reviewing skills for analysis and development of technical reports on a conducted research.

Salary Compensation

The average salary of an environmental specialist falls in the range of $40,000 to $80,000 annually. The lowest salary offered for this job profile is around $35,000 and the highest offer is somewhere around $110,000 per year.

The work profile of an environmental specialist is very versatile, and it requires one to have appropriate knowledge, experience, and skills for successfully carrying out one's responsibilities. A brief description on environmental compliance specialist responsibilities mentioned above will certainly help you to decide your next step for acquiring a better position in this profile.

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