Equine Specialist Responsibilities

The equine specialist responsibilities are all about horses from their birth to death, equine specialist know it all. They take proper care of the horses providing them proper food, medicine, and surgical treatments. They also possess proper knowledge about the equine breeding and delivering little foals. The equine specialists generally work as vets for the horses and are experts in the equine medicine, equine surgery, and equine reproduction. These specialist generally work in horse farms, turfs, equine hospitals, and equine research centers.

An equine specialists are the most required persons in all the areas that involve equine study and treatments. They can work for industries that manufacture nutritions for the horses or can work with universities and government research labs performing various equine researches. They can also be found in zoos, farms, and stables where they utilize their knowledge for the proper care of horses. The equine specialist are very fond of horses and possess knowledge of how to create a feeling of trust and camaraderie with the horses.

The equine specialist are indulged into many different procedures like nutrition, health, welfare, etc. of the horses. These people are compassionate horse lovers who want the equine world to be healthier and happier. To start your career as an equine specialist a person must be aware of different job responsibilities and necessary skills of an equine specialist. The below given information about the equine specialist will guide you with the different skills and responsibilities of an equine specialist.

Educational Qualification

To start a career as an equine specialist a person should have special love and affection towards horses. He or she should also possess knowledge about horse handling, horse riding, and horse breaking. To work as an equine specialist a candidate should complete a medical degree from a veterinarian college undertaking specialization in equine care. The equine care then may consist of equine massage, equine studies, and equine nutrition.

Key Skills

An equine specialist must be skillful in equine medicine, nutritions, and nature. Following are some of the other key skills of an equine specialist:

Job Responsibilities

The equine specialist is responsibilities for taking proper care of the horses. Apart from this he is also responsible for undertaking following job responsibilities:


The average annual salary of an equine specialist is in the range of $25,000 to $35,000. The mentioned salary however may differ according to the equine specialist's educational qualification and number of years of experience in this field. The salary of an equine specialist may also differ according to the industry the specialist is working in.

The above mentioned equine specialist responsibilities will help you to understand the overall work profile of an equine specialist. The educational qualifications, key skills and salary described above will also help you build your career as an equine specialist.

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