Equipment Specialist Responsibilities

The equipment specialist responsibilities include maintenance and repairing of the machines which may be an aircraft machine, medical machine, heavy vehicle machine, or a production or manufacturing machine. These specialists are responsible for testing and calibrating the machine parts and further repairing or replacing them accordingly. The equipment specialist is also responsible for undertaking preventive measures while operating the machines and avoiding any casualties.

The equipment specialists are required in a wide range of industries and may work on a variety of machines or equipments according to their specialty and nature of work. These people make use of various diagnostic tools to test the functioning of the equipments and identify the problems. The equipment specialist may also check on the blueprints and manuals of the equipment to detect the problem and correct them accordingly. These specialists are experts in using various tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and other maintenance power tools.

Many a times, the equipment specialist is responsible of training the equipment using staff about the technicalities and minor necessities of the machine. This helps in effective working of the equipment and avoiding any major crash downs. The specialist may then take the reviews from the staff about the drawbacks while using the equipment and make necessary changes if possible. The equipment specialist career is one of the most booming careers and has a wide range of requirements for talented candidates. To start a career as an equipment specialist, a person must possess necessary educational qualifications and adequate experience for handling the equipments independently. Along with the qualifications and experience, the candidate must also be aware of different job responsibilities and skills of an equipment specialist.

The below given information about equipment specialist responsibilities, skills, and qualification will help you to understand all the necessary things related to this field.

Educational Qualification

The educational qualification of an equipment specialist usually differs according to the industry a candidate wants to apply for. Different industries like medical, aeronautical, production, and manufacturing differ in machines and their technicalities. However, candidates applying for an equipment specialist job must at least possess a high school degree or diploma along with a certified associate degree in their particular specialty. Many industries, however, prefer recruiting an engineer in mechanics with a certified degree of their particular specialty.

Key Skills

Complete knowledge of equipments and machine tools is a basic key skill of an equipment specialist. The key skills of an equipment specialist usually differ according to the industry he is related to. However, an equipment specialist must possess the following skills:

Job Responsibilities

The equipment specialist is responsible for taking proper care of the equipments and machinery and work for its efficient functioning. Along with this, he is also responsible for the other following responsibilities:


According to various surveys, the average annual salary of an equipment specialist is in the range of $48,000 to $52,000. This salary, however, may change according to the industry the equipments specialist is working in and the qualification and experience he possesses.

The equipment specialist responsibilities mentioned above will provide you complete knowledge about the equipment specialist field, work profile, skills, and salary. This information will definitely help you in planning your career as an equipment specialist.

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