Evaluation Specialist Responsibilities

Evaluation specialists are involved in submitting the complete evaluation report of the project in an organization. The evaluation report consists of technical report, complete with additive and formative data of design, monitoring, management, and supervision of the staff and procedures involved for maintaining the organization. They are hired in schools or in other educational / training institutes, laboratories, programming, recruitment, and other organizations which need to be managed efficiently for running the organization without any hassles.

Key Responsibilities

Evaluation specialists are responsible for managing the needs and requirements of staff members of the organization, oversee its administrative progress, and evaluate project records and transcripts like admission progress and associate degrees. Evaluation specialists involved in the academic field also need to oversee record files for various certification processes like providing general education and transfer certificates, eligibility certificate, academic excellence certificates, athletic certificates, etc.

The key responsibilities of an evaluation specialist comprise:

The job responsibilities of evaluation specialists are very dynamic, as he has to observe each and every aspect of the organizational procedures and provide complete analysis solutions for the same. They may require to go beyond their responsibilities in certain cases to provide a logical solution to the organization.

Required Qualifications and Skills

The minimum qualification required for acquiring the post of an evaluation specialist is Associate's / Bachelor's degree in management science or equivalent. Master's degree in the same is usually preferred for this position. Requirements of the basic qualification differ as per the industry in which the candidate is applying. The job of an evaluation specialist requires one to be competent enough to handle all the proceedings in the organization, essential for the evaluation procedures. Hence, the experience in evaluation management counts more than the educational qualification for obtaining a job. Previous experience as a program evaluator or a research analyst proves beneficial for obtaining the job of an evaluation specialist.

Apart from education and experience, evaluation specialists need to demonstrate certain leadership skills for effective accomplishment of their job. They need to be competent in evaluation and monitoring techniques, have thorough knowledge on data collection and evaluation procedures, and possess quick decision making skills to provide active solutions to the issues arising in the organizational program. Also, they must have good organizational and communication skills for successful accomplishment of evaluation procedures.

Salary Compensation

The average salary of an evaluation specialist falls in the range of $40,000 to $80,000 per year. The average salary differs as per the job location, industrial requirement, and relevant experience in this field.

The job responsibilities of an evaluation specialist are very discreet and it differs in every organization, though the key responsibilities remain the same. An in-depth knowledge about the key evaluation specialist responsibilities will give you an insight on the job profile of the same and help you decide if this career is suitable for you.

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