Export Specialist Responsibilities

The export specialist responsibilities are to oversee the procedures of foreign sales. He or she is responsible for providing services to the organizational outlets in foreign countries. An export specialist manages the export duties of the organization and sees to it that the commodities meet the standards of all the destination countries. The specialist is also responsible for carrying out all the legal requirements as per the excise and government rules. An export specialist has a wide range of job opportunities in various field such as production/manufacturing and distribution, agriculture, automotive, etc.

The export specialist is responsible for making the transportation of goods cost-effective, and the goods are safely and efficiently transported to their destination. He generally manages the export duties according to the goods and their cost. He also needs to organize and manage the transport by air, rail, road, or ship according to the material, time, and cost efficiency. The export specialist also keeps a track of transported goods, the payments delivered, and maintains the bills for the same.

The export specialist makes a proper survey and research of transportation means and routes to make the transportation cost and time effective. He also makes provisions for handling and taking care of goods during transport. The export specialist also verifies the documents required during the domestic as well as international trade. To start a career as an export specialist, one needs to understand the qualifications, skills, and job responsibilities of the same. The below given information about the export specialist responsibilities will help you understand all the important facts about the export specialist career.

Educational Qualification

To work as an export specialist, a candidate must possess a bachelor's degree in any of the subjects such as finance, business administration, political science, business management, economics, international relations, etc. The candidate must also be aware of all the international trade and custom laws. Knowledge about international laws is one of the most mandatory requirements for the export specialist job. A postgraduate or master's degree in business administration, finance, economics, or business management is an additional advantage, as many organizations prefer recruiting candidates with master's degree and professional experience as an export specialist.

Key Skills

Management is one of the most essential skills of an export specialist. However, following are some of the other common skills required for an export specialist:

Job Responsibilities

The export specialist responsibilities include meeting trade needs of an organization by supplying the required amount of goods within a prescribed time. However, they are also responsible for carrying out other duties as follows:


The salary of an export specialist often depends upon the industry he or she is working with. The salary also depends upon the work load, goods transported, and effectiveness in working of the export specialist. According the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of an export specialist ranges between $57,000 to $120,000. This salary may, however, also depend upon the educational qualification and experience of the export specialist. Apart from the salary, the export specialist may also receive incentives for efficient working and making profits to the organization.

The export specialist job is one of the most blooming jobs and lots of students are opting it as their career option. The above mentioned export specialist responsibilities will guide you in getting ample information about the work procedures of an export specialist. The above mentioned educational qualifications and key skills will also help you in planning your career in this field.

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