Field Investigator Responsibilities

Field investigators are involved in performing research and surveillance at the individual level or for an organization / law enforcement agency. Their main responsibility is to investigate the case throughly, observe the given situation / circumstances properly, and investigate the nature of happenings for the client. Field investigators are also referred to as private investigators in many cases.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Investigator

Field investigator responsibilities include conducting investigations on field for gathering the information about a person, place, or situation. They work as a part of the investigating team and are involved in gathering valuable information from a crime / fraud scene, and investigate the situation / circumstances for gathering proofs, witnesses, and other references that bring forward the truth behind certain events. Field investigators basically work for the insurance company, law enforcement agency, national security agency, or private organizations dealing with claims, etc., which require a thorough background check of the person / event.

The key responsibilities of a field investigator comprise:

For carrying out the exact investigation procedure, one has to visit the location of incident / crime scene equipped with camera, notepad, and other equipment which may prove useful in gathering information and interact with the local residents, general public, etc., for locating the witnesses. After getting relevant information on the nature of the suspect, one has to obtain all the information which proves the convict guilty and report the same to higher authorities before closing the investigation.

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification required to be eligible to make a career in this field is field investigating training after completing graduation. A bachelor's degree in criminal justice, forensic science, or other related field is recommended if you prefer to start a career in this field. Educational qualification is not the prime requirement for starting a career in this field, though one is required to be trained in field investigating profile before one is hired. Many employers require the candidate to have the relevant experience in field investigation before hiring the prospective candidates. Responsibilities of a field investigator differs depending upon the work sector he is hired in, but the selection criteria remains the same. Basically, the candidate possessing previous experience in the particular field is preferred for this position.

Apart from the educational qualification and work experience, certain skills are also required for being a successful field investigator. For carrying out the responsibilities effectively, one has to possess excellent oral, written, and verbal communication skills, as he has to communicate extensively with the clients, witnesses, employees, and other public for investigation purpose. Along with this, one also has to show strong analytical skills and critical thinking ability for settling / denying the investigating cases accordingly.

Working Condition

A field investigating officer has to be physically fit and active as he has to travel to various locations. Along with this, he must also have the relevant area of expertise regarding the work profile he is hired. He must also be willing to travel extensively for crime scene inspection and must be willing to work at irregular hours as required. Also, while investigating a nasty case of crime, there is a possibility of life risk if the convict plans to attack the field investigator out of insecurity. Though such cases are very rare for this profile and happens only while investigating the core crime cases, the field investigator must be prepared for saving his and other's life in danger.

The job profile of a field officer is quite demanding, and it requires one to show lots of courage while carrying out the investigation. If you think you have the necessary skills, experience, and aptitude for this field, field investigation can turn out to be the best career option for you.

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