Field Marketing Specialist Job Description

Marketing plays a key role in today's fast paced world, where every other business organization is trying hard to impress and sell across the products of the organization to the customers by convincing them how their products are better than that of the competitors.

A field marketing specialist is a professional who understands the trends and needs of the customers exactly. Field marketing specialist responsibilities comprise developing and implementing marketing strategies to ensure effective product promotion that will eventually lead to more business profits.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Marketing Specialist

More and more business organizations are now aware about the significance of marketing and they are now keen on hiring field marketing specialists who will help the organizations to develop and grow.

Gaining more profit margins is the most basic concept behind hiring these highly skilled individuals who are well updated on the various technological advancements and have the right kind of expertise to excel in their work. A marketing specialist needs to carry out a wide variety of duties and responsibilities which vary from one company to another.

For your reference, we have provided a detailed description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a field marketing specialist:

Essential Skills

A field marketing specialist should have a passion for marketing, ability to strike a chord with people, and understand the customers' needs. He/she should be updated with the latest trends happening in the relevant industry and should have a great business acumen. He/she should be target oriented and should be able to develop innovative strategies that will help in achieving the organization's goals and objectives.

Educational Background

The basic educational criteria required to be eligible for the post of a field marketing specialist is a bachelor's degree in marketing, advertising, communications, etc. Additional certification or training related to internet marketing techniques would be helpful. Excellent software and hardware computer operational skills would prove to be an additional qualification.

Work Schedule

The field marketing specialist does not have a fixed schedule. His/her work requires frequent traveling to research the market conditions, attend meetings, participate in conferences, etc. On a few occasions, he/she may even need to work on weekends or holidays.

Salary Details

The average starting salary for a field marketing specialist is $31,000. Depending on the performance, an experienced candidate can get a salary in the range of $55,000 to $68,0000. This is a general range given for reference. It may change depending on the location of the organization, the number of employees it has, and the level of responsibilities that an individual is assigned.

Career Prospects

The future of a field marketing specialist is really bright as there are numerous opportunities available. Statistics show that the demand is definitely going to grow with more number of organizations emphasizing the need for hiring marketing field specialists.

If you want to be a thorough professional and take you career to new heights, it is essential that you shoulder the field marketing specialist responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

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