Field Product Specialist Responsibilities

A field product specialist is a professional who has the prime responsibility of promoting and enhancing the products of the organization. He/she is the most vital link between the customers and the production team. Field product specialist responsibilities involve studying the market trends, understanding the client's needs, delivering products that meet their expectations, and designing strategies that would help in stabilizing the product in the market, and making sure that it generates maximum profit for the organization.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Product Specialist

The field product specialist is the one who functions and coordinates with various departments like production, marketing, sales, finance, etc., and is completely involved in the entire life cycle of the product, right from its inception to completion. The field product specialist responsibilities vary depending on the type of industry they are functioning in. The kind and level of responsibilities will differ depending on the job title as well. To get a better idea, let us see in detail the key responsibilities handled by a field product specialist:

  1. To design strategies that will help in meeting and surpassing the sales objectives of the organization.
  2. To carry out the field activities within the given budget and territory and to be able to predict the future sales trends.
  3. To make sure that the present clients remain intact and design strategies to market the new and existing products, and thereby attract and add new clients.
  4. To keep a track of the product's progress and to check if there are any discrepancies in it.
  5. To make every possible effort to resolve the issues of the product and find out ways to enhance its strengths so as to achieve maximum revenue for the organization.
  6. To keep updated about the latest developments related to the product and keep abreast with the competitors' products and their strategies.

The field product specialist is equally involved in organizing product trainings and supporting activities that will assist in achieving the sales objectives. He/she is responsible for conveying all the relevant data like which customers have been newly acquired, which have been lost, the sales figures, the sales figures after a particular product has been enhanced, the clients' complaints, the solutions provided for the same, etc. He/she is responsible for maintaining the documentation of all the relevant products and also takes an active part in the pre-sales activities. He/she is responsible for identifying the new markets and making sure that the product gets launched in those areas. He/she may also be involved in training the staff employees and guiding them on how to present the products to the clients. In short, he/she is responsible for launching and positioning the product in such a way that all the potential clients are well-aware of the organization's products and make it a point to buy them, which will eventually lead to more profits.

Essential Skills

The field product specialist should be totally customer oriented and should have an in depth knowledge of all the products of the organization. He/she should be self motivated and determined to achieve challenging goals and objectives. He/she should be able to understand the clients' needs and should have a vision to design strategies that will maximize the revenue of the organization. He/she should be able to identify the product issues and resolve them immediately.

Educational Background

A bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college in the relevant field with some technical exposure is the minimum eligibility criteria to make an entry. The individuals with experience in a similar role and advanced education will surely get the jobs more easily.

Work Schedule

Ideally, a field product specialist needs to work for thirty five to forty hours per week. However, depending on the appointment schedule of clients, meetings, training sessions, etc., he/she may need to allocate extra time in the evenings, weekends, or sometimes even on holidays.

Salary Details

The starting remuneration for a field product specialist is close in the range of $35,000 to $44,000. The experienced field product specialists will get a higher salary package in the range of $130,000 to $140,000. The salary details provided over here is only for your reference, and it may differ depending on the geographical location, size, and type of the organization he/she is functioning in.

Career Prospects

If you have the right kind of business acumen and love to be a part of the entire product development process, then this is definitely one of the best available career options for you. Moreover, if you showcase your talent in the right direction, you have ample opportunities for advancement to higher positions.

Thus, you now have a complete idea of the field product specialist responsibilities and the kind of academic background and skills necessary to make this career a huge success.

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