Field Service Specialist Responsibilities

The service industry has definitely got great significance in today's world. The organizations which offer excellent and specialized customer services are definitely doing great business and will continue to do so in the coming years. In order to earn more profits, business organizations prefer to hire field service specialists who provide specialized services to their clients. Field service specialist responsibilities are thus crucial in ensuring the success for any organization.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Service Specialist Representative

A field service specialist representative is responsible for providing professional support and services to the organization or to its clients by performing various installations, and by being involved in the repairing, maintenance, and testing work. While doing these duties, he/she should make sure that he/she adheres by the organization's rules and regulations and that he/she follows the given established procedures. Such positions are normally found in technical fields and are responsible for providing prompt services to their clients. To get a better insight, let us get some detailed information as to what are the key areas of responsibilities that need to be handled by a field service specialist:

  1. To be responsible for configuration, installation, calibration, testing, maintenance, evaluation, trouble shooting, and repairing of the equipment, or machinery of the organization.
  2. To execute maintenance and repairing work as per schedule as well as respond to emergency or unscheduled maintenance and repairing work.
  3. To be involved in the pre-installation and installation work of the equipment.
  4. To provide on site training and guidance to the clients as per the company's standards and guidelines.
  5. To provide and build excellent customer relationship by providing effective solutions and services on site as well as through phone, emails, etc.
  6. To ensure that all the field work is carried out as per the company's norms and to make the essential technical recommendations to minimize the technical issues.

Apart from these responsibilities, the field service specialist is also accountable for providing the written service reports that include all the details of the work activities that he/she carried out on the client's site. He/she is responsible for completing all the relevant documentation and also provides the expense reports to the manger or the director of the servicing department. He/she trains the clients on how to make the effective use of the equipment and how the technical errors can be minimized. He/she ensures that all the tools, equipment, and the machinery is safe and secure, and that it is in proper working condition. He/she is responsible for informing the procurement details to the manager, complying with all the safety rules and regulations, and actively getting involved in every team effort so as to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

Essential Skills

A successful field service pecialist should keep himself/herself updated with the latest technological developments, so that he/she is able to provide the best possible services to his/her customers. He/she should be an expert in their relevant work area and should be totally customer oriented. He/she should be flexible and willing to go to the assigned area at any given point of time. He/she should be able to guide and train the client on the effective use of the equipment. Excellent organization skills and ability to prioritize work with good planning skills is a pre-requisite.

Educational Qualification

Though a bachelor's degree would be preferred, an individual who is an expert in the relevant field and who has completed a high school diploma or GED is eligible to apply for the post of a field specialist. The candidates with experience and strong educational background will definitely get the jobs more easily.

Work Schedule

The work schedule of a field service specialist is dependent on the appointments and may not have a fixed regular routine. He/she usually requires to work from Monday to Friday, with duty hours normally requiring him/her to work for eight to nine hours daily. However, the schedule may change depending on the priority of the work.

Salary Details

The salary of the field service specialist is normally dependent on the type of industry he/she is employed in. The individuals working in the technical area usually get a salary package ranging in between $40,000 to $90,000. The size and location of the organization are equally the key detrimental factors in determining the final remuneration.

Career Prospects

The servicing industry has got a huge scope and has definitely got better opportunities for promotion to the higher positions as well. If you love to help people sort out their problems so that their work gets streamlined, this is definitely one of the best career options for you and the job can really be satisfying.

Thus, before you apply for the post, make sure you will be able to shoulder the field service specialist responsibilities well, so that you can climb up the ladder of success more easily, thus ensuring a rewarding career.

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