Food Safety Specialist Job Description

The food safety specialist responsibilities include working as a situational and atmosphere health expert and examining the implements and trading procedures and methods of mercantile food trades in order to achieve the status and cleanliness regulations. He also ensures that the customers are satisfied with the kind of food items available at retail food stores in the markets and the same are fit for intake by them.

He examines and helps with deciding the proper cleanliness methods adopted and holding the conditions that influence the protection of food. He audits by making use of the American Institute of Banking (AIB) standards in order to examine the kind of business operations executed and the profits earned by the food and beverage industries. The food safety specialist shoulders many responsibilities that may vary according to the place and size of the industry where he is based.

The key responsibilities of a food safety specialist are as under:

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate who wants to step into the shoes of a food safety specailist should have a bachelor's degree in biological science, health, nutrient science, microbiology or in any other health and science field. Acquiring a food safety specialist certificate by doing courses in this field or a related field from college or a school would also give him an opportunity of working as the same. Completing a master's degree in the same field would surely make him rise to higher positions in the industry, and he would get a higher salary. These degrees should be authorized and recognized by the national environment health science and protection recognition council. Apart from all these, he needs to be a food lover and possess successful customer and cooking skills. He should be aware of certain health safety regulations regarding food items and the rest of the expertise on the same field would be imparted to him by his educational qualifications and certificates.

Working Conditions

He works in a food industry and is expected to deliver food safety expert skills. He executes food safety expert operations for about 6 days a week and 54 hours a week. He takes care of all the cleanliness procedures and has different work shifts.


The food safety specialist draws an average salary of around USD 30, 000 to USD 70, 000 per annum.

Thus, the food safety specialist responsibilities include taking care of the food hygiene and analyzing the food products, items and beverages kept in the food stores of the industry.

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