Forecast Specialist Responsibilities

The forecast specialist responsibilities include analyzing and examining the earth's ambience in order to see its effects on the same and forseeing the weather patterns of the atmosphere in the coming days. He is also known as a forecast expert or a meteorologist who specializes in weather forecasting. He executes various responsibilities across different organizations, aggregates and studies weather information and informs the viewers, readers and public or audience of the same.

He finds out the temperature, humidness and precipitation of a given area by observing and reading the results of the satellites and radars that cover the same area. He analyzes the outgoing weather of a place with the current and active conditions of the same place with the help of computer readings and by running weather forecast computer programs. This helps him in figuring out the differences in the temperature of that same place.

A forecast specialist has many important responsibilities that include the following:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A forecast specialist requires to possess a bachelor's degree in atmospheric or environmental science, meteorology or a related field. He can also acquire a master's degree in the same in order to get better job possibilities and this would also help him grow faster. He must have good observation skills that can help him notice the changes in the climate of that particular place and record and act on the same. Apart from all these, he should be very understanding, helpful and outgoing that can help him with rescuing many people in cases of weather or climate disasters.

Working Conditions

He works in a wide variety of offices, ranging from government authorities to television stations. He normally works rotational shifts and at odd hours as well.


A forecast specialist gets a median salary of around USD 70, 000 per annum usually. But again, this salary depends on the kind of position he is in, in the organization and also varies from one location to another.

Thus, the forecast specialist responsibilities include studying the weather conditions of a place and predicting the kind of weather that place will have in the future.

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