Furniture Specialist Responsibilities

The furniture specialist responsibilities include updating himself with the active furniture products, studying all and the kinds that the clients want and examining them before they are delivered to the same. He talks about the kind of furniture that the clients are comfortable with and discusses the pros and cons of those items. He explains the details of various products that are available in the shop to his customers and talks about their price and durability and solves the doubts of the clients regarding the same. He devises ways and means of marketing the items and works with the sales personnel with regard to this. Both of them together develop merchandising plans and programs in order to ensure that the furniture items are sold by yielding profits.

He makes sure that all the ordered furniture items are delivered to the clients on time. He takes care of the furniture items so that they don't get damaged and ensures that his monthly targets are achieved. He examines the customer orders and runs them through various methods and procedures in an appropriate manner in order to deliver them to the clients on the basis of the terms and conditions of the latter that have been agreed with by the former. He makes sure that he provides excellent client services to the customers prior to and after the sales. He is in constant touch with the furniture makers, so that he can order more furniture items for his shop once the older ones are sold.

The following are the key responsibilities of a furniture specialist:

Qualifications and Skills

A furniture specialist does not need any particular qualification in order to be the same. He just needs to have good English writing, reading and speaking skills. His maths skills should be good as well. He should be comfortable with handling heavy objects and should have a lot of stamina and strength. He should have expertise on stuffing furniture items and should be able to categorize them according to their kinds. He should have good negotiating skills and must be able to work individually or under a team. He should be polite and gentle towards the clients and must be able to execute work within the given time. He must have good communication and customer accosting skills that can take him a long way in his career.

Working Conditions

He usually works and meets clients in a shop and also moves around a lot in trucks in order to transport the furniture items from one place to another. Also, he deals with numbers and calculates and computes a lot. He frequently lifts heavy objects and sometimes, wears uniforms. He works under pressure.


A furniture specialist earns an average amount of USD 15 to USD 21 an hour.

Thus, the furniture specialist responsibilities include marketing the furniture items of his shop and transporting them from one place to another.

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